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Special Edition “New Moon” DVD Set by Liverpool (Mexico)   1 comment

Set includes:

* The New Moon movie DVD Special Edition
* The novel New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
* The book with scenes from the movies
* A certificate of authenticity
* Collectible cards and a bracelet


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New Moon DVD: Bella’s Box (3 disc) Special Edition   12 comments

Here is a Scandinavian New Moon box set.

Source: Loving Rob

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4 Different New Moon Collector's Boxes For Sale In Mexico   7 comments

EXCLUSIVE, The 4 different boxes for collectors and different contents. All this thanks to Quality Films for CrepusculoMeyer.

The 4 different boxes for collection boxes contain the following:

DVD: 1 disc

Certificate of Authenticity.

Collectible cards.

Embroidery bracelet NEW MOON

We have the same information as the DVDs, go on sale after March 20, will sell for the same stores that sell the DVD because no store will have these boxes and collectables as unique MEXICO is for sale.
Remember that only contain the 1-disc edition. As we get more information, be sure that they are going to communicate immediately.

Box 1:




Tote bag beige

See the other boxes after the jump

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