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From The Bristol Evening Post

He’s won an army of devotees playing a sexy vampire in The Twilight Saga, but as the penultimate movie is released, actor Robert Pattinson is already dreaming of an end to the “craziness” that comes with fame, writes SHEREEN LOW

Three years ago Robert Pattinson was a little-known actor with a small part in two Harry Potter films and a handful of TV roles behind him.

Fast forward to 2011 and the British actor – known as “R-Patz” to his devotees – can’t even step out of his front door without feeling paranoid about being accosted and stalked by fans.

“A lot of the time you think people are way crazier than they are. You think they’ve been waiting for five hours when they’ve only been there for five minutes.

“I was in London once and no one found out where I was staying the whole time I was there, and then this girl, waiting in the courtyard of the hotel in complete pitch blackness, called out my name – and I thought, ‘This is it. I’m going to get killed’,” he says, grinning at the memory.

“The thing that drives me crazy is if people follow you when you leave the building. As soon as I lose those people, I’m fine.”

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