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Our Fan Event sign got signed in Brussels!   1 comment

@MeggieCullen was at the fan event in Brussels and took our sign with her…. and got it signed by Ashley AND ROB!!! She even got a pic with him:

Do you want your own awesome sign signed?
we have some for Stockholm as well!

Click here to see them and get them printed!


@Francesca_fr sent us this pic: Rob AND our signs 🙂



More clips of Breaking Dawn: interview cast and clip   Leave a comment


More MQ Pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene at the Brussels fan event and Press Conference   1 comment

New Pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene at the Brussels fan event and Press Conference

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Fan Pics of Robert Pattinson & Ashley Green at the Brussel’s Fan Event   1 comment

Here are fan pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene at the Brussel’s Breaking Dawn Press Conference. 

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Videos of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Green at the Brussel’s Fan Event   10 comments

Here are videos of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene at the Brussel’s Breaking Dawn fan event. 


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HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson & Ashley Green at the Brussel’s Fan Event   1 comment

Here are HQ pics of Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene at the Brussel’s Breaking Dawn fan event. 

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Brussels Press Conference translated: Q & A with Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene   8 comments


Thanks to Twilight Belgium for sending this to us. We’re posting mostly Rob’s answers: the entire interview can be read on their site by clicking here.

Translation done by us. 

Twilight Stars Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene are in Brussels today to promote the latest Twilight movie (Breaking Dawn Part I). At half past ten the actors were expected at the conference table, not really early but they did take some time. was there for the entire press conference.

Robert entered the hall in his casual style of checkered shirt T-shirt and jeans jacket. And no, he had not shaved since Sunday! Ashley’s make-up was perfect, long hair impeccably combed, and a simple blue dress with sky-high heels in black shiny leather.

The duo was relaxed, Ashley has more awake than Robert, who repeatedly had to admit that he clearly wasn’t awake yet – though that did not stop him to joke around. But jet lag and tiring day or not, the press and the fans wanted answers … and sometimes to the oddest questions!

“Robert, Twilight is primarily the story of Bella, so from a female perspective and because of that it appeals to many girls and women. Did the making of these movies help you to understand women?”

Robert Pattinson: “Bella is a very special girl. Most fans of the movies came via the books and that has a lot to do with Bella’s decisions, which you often think: ‘What is she doing now? That’s not logical!” But people are still able to recognize themselves in it… in the entire crazy decision. And with that I actually say that I learned that most women are crazy (Laughs). Actually I don’t think it helped me to understand women more (laughs again). I often think to just give up: it’s no use! “(laughs exuberantly)

“You become a father is in the movie. How was that for you?”

Robert: “It was very clumsy. For women it’s natural, any woman that gives birth, take it as if she has done a million times. Men are as clumsy, are afraid to let it drop or break something.”

“It was often improvising, filming with a baby. At one point there had to be all this fake blood on the newborn baby, so we had to apply it to the baby and the child starts to cry in my arms. So we  do everything to calm the baby down a bit and then I thought: “This really feels like my baby. But it was fun to play, totally different from the other films. “

“The birth scene is Robert’s favorite scene.”

Robert: “I sat there, with Taylor (Lautner, EDP) with the legs of a doll on my shoulders, eating our way through the a womb of cream cheese with some on our face.”

Ashley (interrupts): “Cream cheese? Why cream cheese? “

Robert: “That was supposed to be the uterus. That’s how it looks.”

Ashley: “Is that so? That’s good to know!”

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Breaking Dawn Fan Event & Premiere Signs – Stockholm   1 comment

We’ve made signs for those of you who will be attending the Breaking Dawn part 1 Fan Events and Premieres! You can print them and bring them with you to the events! We’ll keep adding the signs for the different events on the site. Tip: take a marker (dark and light) with you and something hard for underneath the sign so Rob (and Ashley) will be able to sign easily.

We’d love to see a pic of the signs at the venue and/or signed 🙂


Pics of Robert Pattinson and tweets at Kinepolis Press Conference – Brussels   1 comment

We’ll update as soon as they come in:


-Rob and Ashley entering the room. Hollywood style with lots of photographers! #kinetwilight
-Robert Pattinson looking good! Just out of bed look suits him well. Miss Ashley pretty as always! #kinetwilight
-Weather was definitely the hardest thing about filming Breaking Dawn for everybody. #kinetwilight
-How much Edward is there in Robert? Not so much. Rob says he is more of a joker. #kinetwilight
-Both looking forward to fan event this evening.. Especially hoping for some french fries for dinner. Hint to the fans! #kinetwilight
-The birth scene was Rob’s favourite. Ashley loved the wedding scene most. #breakingdawn #kinetwilight

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Fan Event Brussels to be live broadcasted on Radio Contact and RTL   2 comments

hit this button on the site

As we already posted before here, Robert Pattinson will do an interview for the belgian radio ‘Radio Contact’ on October 26th but we don’t know the exact time yet.
But there’s more… The Fan Event should be broadcast live on the radio too. You can listen to it from the website (just click on “Ă©couter le direct”). Just let us know if it works for other countries as well.
NOTE: nothing is confirmed on the radio site yet!
If you’re in Belgium you may want to watch it on TV too: according to their site it will be televised live on RTL as well. For the rest of the world: they say it’s gonna be on their site as well (lets hope it won’t crash with all of us viewing)! (google tranlation of the article):
Robert Pattinson in Brussels: discover the program!
Tomorrow at 18:30, Ashley Greene and Robert Pattinson, the actors of the hit movies Twilight, will be in Brussels to present excerpts of the exclusive fourth installment of the vampire saga to their greatest fans in Belgium. You didn’t have a chance to win VIP access to the “Fan Event”? Do not panic, will broadcast the ceremony live.

Sleep 1 more night and the beautiful Robert Pattinson will be in Brussels!
This Wednesday, October 26 from 18.30, the actor accompanied by Ashley Greene tread the red carpet installed in the Square in the center of the capital. On that occasion, exclusive excerpts of the fourth installment of the Twilight “Revelation – Part 1” will be screened at the heart of the transparent cube for a handful of Belgian fans.

You didn’t a chance to get this precious document?
Do not panic! offers you to witness live from your couch at the ceremony.

In fact, from 6:30 p.m. tomorrow, we offer the broadcast of the event on the home page of our website. To find out, only one address, click here.

Up to 19h, Robert Pattinson and Ashley Greene devote their time to answer from the red carpet in various interviews. But fans will not be outdone. Both actors are prepared to exchange a few words with the fans and sign autographs for many around the red carpet.

From 19h, they will enter the room to the Square for a very brief photo session before presenting excerpts from the new Twilight “Revelation – Part 1.”

Until 19:30, the two actors answer questions from Sandrine Corman, Bram Vandeputte and 5 fans of the saga.

Robert Pattison and Ashley Green will leave the Square to finally let the public enjoy the release of the third part of Twilight.

See you tomorrow 6:30 p.m. on!

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