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*VIDEO* More Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview on eTalk (Canada)   Leave a comment

We posted the first part HERE but here’s more:

or watch at the source (starts around 8:00)

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson in ‘Star Inc’ Magazine – Canada, October 2012   1 comment

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*SCAN* Cosmopolis in 7 Jours magazine – Canada   2 comments


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New Fan Pics and Videos of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Premiere in Toronto   1 comment

Here are some pics and videos of Robert Pattinson and the Cosmopolis cast from the Cosmopolis Premiere in Toronto


More pics and vids after the jump

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New Fanvideo of Robert Pattinson from the Cosmopolis Premiere in Toronto   Leave a comment

Paul Giamatti’s car gets there first. He comes out, signs a bit, then around0:40 sec in Robert Pattinson comes out of his car.


New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg interview with CTV News – Toronto Press Junket   1 comment

“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson may seem like nothing more than a teen heartthrob to his critics. But his detractors may change their minds after watching his risky performance in the new David Cronenberg film, “Cosmopolis.”

In Canadian theatres on Friday, Pattinson headlines this masterful and, at times, chilling adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 2003 novel, “Cosmopolis.”

True to DeLillo’s satirical work, the British actor plays billionaire Eric Packer, a young fund manager who experiences a meltdown one day as he cruises through Manhattan in the back of a stretch limo. As Packer’s trip to the hairdresser unfolds, he glides in and out of the lives of strangers, businesses associates and his wife Elise (played by Sarah Gadon).

Inside this strange world on wheels, Packer can access everything he needs: food, data about the stock market, sex, booze and a toilet. He even gets a check-up in the back of the limo from his doctor, who tells Packer, “You have an asymmetrical prostate.”

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*AUDIO* David Cronenberg talks Robert Pattinson and Cosmopolis with CBC   2 comments


Some quotes (from Cosmopolisfilm)

  • Host: What were you thinking when you cast Rob? David: You’re looking for a great actor. It’s a very difficult role with a lot of dialogue, Quite funny too. You need an actor that gets all of that.
  • Host: Did you know he could do it? David: I had seen him in Little Ashes where he plays a young Salvidor Dali, an extreme, difficult Spanish movie. This is a guy who’s not afraid to do something really challenging and difficult. He’s not afraid to play an unsympathetic role. Until you do the movie, you don’t know the breadth of it and I think he gives a fantastically subtle and beautifully modulated performance.

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*VIDEO* New Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg Interview with Cineplex from the Toronto Press Junket   1 comment


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Canada finally gets a release date for Bel Ami?   1 comment

According to Cinema Montreal Bel Ami will hit the theaters in Canada on June 8 (yes, this friday!). We never got an official confirmation on a release date but for now we’re going with this date. If you find more info about it we’d love to hear 🙂 Click HERE or the image to get your tickets:

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Amazing new Robert Pattinson wallpaper   Leave a comment

Here’s an amazing new wallpaper by @Kainat21: Rob in Canada!