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Official French Water for Elephants site is up   Leave a comment

The Official French site for Water for Elephants (De l’Eau pour les Elephants) is now up

Click Here to visit the French Water For Elephants site

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Animated GIFs from the new Water for Elephants scenes   3 comments

Here are some great GIFs. thanks to Deb at Pattinsonlife for these.

See the rest after the jump!

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*SCREENCAPS* of the new scenes – International Water for Elephants trailer   1 comment

Here are some screencaps from the new scenes: we’ll be adding as we get more in:

See the rest after the jump!

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*NEW* International Water for Elephants with NEW SCENES   12 comments

Here’s the NEW Water for Elephants trailer with AMAZING NEW SCENES and Robs voice!!!

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Water for Elephants official YouTube channel is up   1 comment

Water for Elephants opened the official YouTube channel containing all the trailers and clips: click the image to go the YouTube Channel.

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Official Swiss Water for Elephants Site Now Up!   1 comment

The official Swiss Water for Elephants site is now up: click the picture to go to the site.

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Water for Elephants featured on IMDB front page   1 comment


Official Spain ‘Water for Elephants’ Trailer   1 comment

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