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‘Criminal Complex’ about Cronenberg, Cosmopolis and the casting of Robert Pattinson   4 comments

Here’s a great article about Cronenberg, Cosmopolis and the casting of Robert Pattinson from Criminal Complex

What is it with grim literary giants partnering with champion directors these days? Yesterday it was Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy. Today comes news of David Cronenberg tackling the tangled material of Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis. Cronenberg did his career a real solid when he broke from the “grand guignol of sexual perversion” genre and into the “crime” genre, and there’s little doubt he’ll do justice to Cosmopolis‘ vision of twisted Manhattan.

I lost no faith in this vision even after learning that the lead in Cosmopolis will be Robert Pattinson. Edward Cullen will lose his sparkle when under Cronenberg’s seamy hand.

Why am I so certain? Like any good gambler, I’m going to the track record.

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