‘Criminal Complex’ about Cronenberg, Cosmopolis and the casting of Robert Pattinson   4 comments

Here’s a great article about Cronenberg, Cosmopolis and the casting of Robert Pattinson from Criminal Complex

What is it with grim literary giants partnering with champion directors these days? Yesterday it was Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy. Today comes news of David Cronenberg tackling the tangled material of Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis. Cronenberg did his career a real solid when he broke from the “grand guignol of sexual perversion” genre and into the “crime” genre, and there’s little doubt he’ll do justice to Cosmopolis‘ vision of twisted Manhattan.

I lost no faith in this vision even after learning that the lead in Cosmopolis will be Robert Pattinson. Edward Cullen will lose his sparkle when under Cronenberg’s seamy hand.

Why am I so certain? Like any good gambler, I’m going to the track record.

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Answer me this – what has Robert Pattinson done beyond stand in the soft-focus spotlight ofTwilight? Less than half an hour of screen time in Harry Potter? Nothing much beside that? Exactly.

This kid may be known to billions, but he’s still an unknown quantity. Sure, his agent has shoe-horned him into brand-friendly heart-throb roles like Water for Elephants and Remember Me. Those don’t test his mettle, though. They’re tailor-made to do just the opposite: Deliver the role expected.

It’s when an actor breaks the mold that we see their worth – or lack thereof. Witness Adam Sandler’s struggles to wrest himself into dismal dramas. Then balance the scales with what going from Big to Philadelphia did for Tom Hanks’ career.

The role for Pattinson in Cosmopolis is far from indestructible. The synopsis describes it as “a billionaire Wall Street broker travelling on a odyssey through Manhattan to get a haircut.” I’d describe it as a Big Apple Ulysses, soaked in sex, assassins, Oedipal complex and more sex.

Bottom line: This ain’t your tween’s Mormon soft-core we’re talking here, folks.

Point being, until he fills a frame that isn’t fit for the cover of Tiger Beat magazine, Robert Pattinson is a big question mark for us. Cronenberg, however, is a Pygmalion when it comes to grinding and chipping actors into something more we expect of them. Viggo Mortensen would still be wearing leather armor in the mind’s eye of audiences if not for Cronenberg’s keen method of capturing his brilliance.

So when will it be Robert Pattinson’s time to truly shine – or, rather, finally sweat, bleed and weep? Falcom, a Swiss distributor, just snatched German and Austrian distribution on Cosmopolis. That’s as good as minted that we’ll see the film here in the States sometime this year.

Keep an eye out for it to show up here in the US just before the Mayan apocalypse comes a knocking. And keep an eye on Pattinson, too. The world’s willowiest vampire could be reborn bad-ass.


4 responses to “‘Criminal Complex’ about Cronenberg, Cosmopolis and the casting of Robert Pattinson

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  1. I second that brief/review. Hallelujah.

  2. es lo mejor el es perfecto para todo mm no tenia ganas de leer yy pongo cualkier cosa qe se me ocurre ajja bss rob te amo i love you

  3. i can’t wait for breaking dawn part two to come out its driving me nuts i have all the movies on dvd and i have a version of twilight that have extended scenes and deleted scene’s too some of the stuff they post on face book about his personal life i wish they would leave him and kristen alone what they do off camera is no one’s business but theirs

  4. Another attempt by a ‘reviewer’ to let us know that he/she is a very very superior being.

    Pattinson, in “How to Be”, won an acting award for his role as “Art”. Now, mind you, the superior reviewer, in making snide remarks about ‘sparkles’, cannot be expected to know this, could he/she?? The award is a European one, on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, you know, the thingy to the left of New York City.

    Also, he did a good job in a very small movie, “Little Ashes.” And then, there was his small role in Harry Potter. The latter 2 also were on the other side of that big blue spot to the left of New York City. His “Remember Me” was made in New York, and was a well done character (not as interesting as “Art”, but then…) And he has completed Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

    Cronenberg has said that Pattinson has something called ‘presence’. This you cannot buy, and you cannot learn.

    So, forgive the actors in the Twilight Series: all including Pattinson, have put their all into those movies. They do not deserve this sort of ignorance shown in this review.

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