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*SCAN* Robert Pattinson’s Interview in Film3Sixty Magazine   3 comments

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One on One – Robert Pattinson

Best known for his portrayal of brooding teen vampire Edward Cullen in the phenomenally succesful Twilight Saga films Robert Pattinson turns serial seducer in his new film Bel Ami. In this adpation of Guy de Maupassant’s classic tale he charms the likes of Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas. Some chaps have all the luck.

Film3Sixty: Your character in Bel Ami, Georges DuRoy, is he an amoral man?
Robert Pattinson: He just doesn’t have a conscience. He’s content to do nothing and thinks everything should just be given to him. But if someone slights him, or directs any insult at him, the most overhelming energy grabs him and he turns into this absolute devil. It’s like in Giant, when (James Dean) builds the entire empire to say ‘F-you’, he’s exactly like that but without any redeeming characteristics. The whole story is these people trying to beat him down into remorse, and just as he’s about to touch it, something good happens to him again.

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NEW Bel Ami Still + Tons More in UHQ   5 comments

Here’s a new Bel Ami Still. Click until huge.

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New Bel Ami Reviews from Yahoo Movies & Film4   10 comments

From Yahoo Movies

The film as a whole might feel lopsided, but thankfully the stellar performances keep you entertained.

Social-climbing, villainous backstabbing and a rapacious Robert Pattinson combine in this slow but well-crafted study of a desperate man in desperate times.

The hype…

All eyes are on Robert Pattinson as he tries to break away from his ‘Twilight’ character Edward Cullen. He’s had some success already, but the likes of ‘Remember Me’ and ‘Water for Elephants’ have hardly been classics. This is his darkest role to date, and it’s sure to test his appeal, especially as most of his fans can’t get into a 15-certificate film.

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Yahoo Video: New on-set Bel Ami Interview with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

On-set interview with Robert Pattinson. .

R-Pattz, who plays glittering vampire in the popular ‘Twilight’ series seemed eager to step away from the franchise.  When asked why he chose to take the role of Georges in ‘Bel Ami’ he said, “It was something completely different to anything I’d done before” and it “didn’t follow the traditional movie storyline”.

Pattinson clearly relished the chance to play the bad guy giggling as he describes the character as “a bad guy that does bad things to get what he wants”.

‘Bel Ami’ is due to be released nationwide on the 9 March and follows Georges (Pattinson), a young man working his way up the social ladder by seducing the wives of important businessmen.

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NEW: Picture of Edward from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer   4 comments

Here’s a new image of Edward, which looks to be a screencap from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer soon to be released. More info here


10 Second Teaser Trailer for ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ on March 20th   2 comments

ETA: A sneak peek of  THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 teaser trailer will be available on March 20th at 6am ET exclusively on THE TWILIGHT SAGA Facebook and Twitter profiles! You can catch the full teaser trailer in theaters with THE HUNGER GAMES (March 23: as we posted here) and then online on Monday 3/26 at 6am ET!

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Pictures of Robert Pattinson at the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Exhibition Opening Party   4 comments

Here’s some pics of  Rob at the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Exhibition Opening Party

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*AUDIO* Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami   Leave a comment

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Holliday Grainger talks about working with Robert Pattinson and how he hasn’t changed   Leave a comment

You worked with R-Patz five years ago. Does that mean you weren’t all googly-eyed over Twilight’s ‘Edward’?

If I hadn’t have known him I might have been slightly intimidated. I hadn’t even seen Twilight but I watched the first film after Bel Ami and I was like: ‘Now I get what all the hype is about.’

Is he the same bloke, except now he’s called R-Patz?

Yeah, I think he’s handled it brilliantly and managed to stay down to earth. When we went to the Bel Ami premiere, he went early so he could go and sign all the fans’ pictures. As much as I’d love to be a successful actor, the thought of being recognised in the street is petrifying.

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New Fan pics and Video of Robert Pattinson at the Today Show   2 comments

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