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The Rover Featurette: NEW On-Set interviews + NEW BTS Footage   1 comment

Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce,  David Michôd and The Rover crew on-set interviews + NEW BTS Footage


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HQ Pics of Robert Pattinson on The Rover Set   3 comments

Yesterday’s pictures of Robert Pattinson on The Rover set are now in HQ.


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*VIDEO* More from Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis On Set Interview   2 comments

There are some new parts of Rob and Cronenberg on-set interviews, but they’re dubbed. You can try to listen

ETA: Translation added. Thanks to @london_robsten

Rob: I was interested in the script because it looked like a long and mysterious poem. Usually when you read a script you suddenly get what it’s about, where it’s going and how it will end.

Rob: This time was different because the more I kept reading it the more I didn’t seem to understand where it was going but more I wanted to be in the movie. That movie doesn’t belong to any genre it’s on its own.

Rob: It was hard to interpret a character who doesn’t go trough an evident evolution or follow a predictable path, I mean it does but it’s an incredible evolution that doesn’t happen in the same in which the characters usually change. David was able to control the whole thing I’ve never worked with a director that has such control over his movie and consider himself the head of every aspects of it

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Yahoo Video: New on-set Bel Ami Interview with Robert Pattinson   1 comment

On-set interview with Robert Pattinson. .

R-Pattz, who plays glittering vampire in the popular ‘Twilight’ series seemed eager to step away from the franchise.  When asked why he chose to take the role of Georges in ‘Bel Ami’ he said, “It was something completely different to anything I’d done before” and it “didn’t follow the traditional movie storyline”.

Pattinson clearly relished the chance to play the bad guy giggling as he describes the character as “a bad guy that does bad things to get what he wants”.

‘Bel Ami’ is due to be released nationwide on the 9 March and follows Georges (Pattinson), a young man working his way up the social ladder by seducing the wives of important businessmen.

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*VIDEO* NEW Robert Pattinson Bel Ami On-set Interview   2 comments


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*NEW* HQ/Untagged Pictures of Robert Pattinson on the Cosmopolis Set   Leave a comment

Here are new HQ/Untagged pics of Rob on the Cosmopolis set.

See more after the jump!

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Flashback Pic Post – Robert Pattinson On The Set of Water for Elephants   3 comments

There were so many pics from the set of Water for Elephants on that we decided to post a Flashback pic post with some of those. There are over 300 pics, so enjoy 😉

Loads more after the jump!!!

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Rob with Fans on the set of Water For Elephants   7 comments

Last Night/This Morning 7/3/2010
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source Thank you Natalie!

Photos of Rob & Rosie (Tai) on the set of Water for Elephants!!   2 comments


And here are some UHQ Pics of Rob & Tai


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Interview with Robert Pattinson on set   3 comments


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