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Christina Ricci talks about Robert Pattinson with The Irish Times “He’s wonderful”   1 comment

The fragrant Robert Pattinson plays the cynical accidental journalist whose adventures drive the plot of Bel Ami. They must have had some interesting conversations about the pressures that early success can bring. There are few idols more hotly pursued than the star of the Twilight films.

“He’s wonderful,” she says. “He’s handling everything very well. He never brought any of what he was going through to the set. He was always incredibly well prepared, very professional and a very great actor. I loved working with him. We joked a lot. Made fun of each other and had a great laugh.”

Did she have advice for him? “Not really. He seems to be handling it all very well. I can’t imagine being as famous as he is.”

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MyAnna Buring talks about Robert Pattinson and Breaking Dawn   4 comments

MyAnna Buring talks about Rob and Breaking Dawn in an interview with

Tell me about Robert Pattinson, what’s he like to work with?
He’s lovely – absolutely lovely – yeah, no they are really sweet people and I think they’ve done a great job.

More about Pattinson, is he as dreamy in person as he is on the screen?
Ha, well it’s weird after a while working him, you stop seeing him like that but yeah, he definitely has a charisma about him.

Sing it sister! You’ve probably been asked this a million times, but it really is imperative: Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Haha I’d say I’d be both. I don’t know how you’d choose! I want them both, I can’t choose.

Nah here try this – ‘Team Edward’. See? It’s easy to choose. Another pressing question, if you yourself could be one or the other, Vampire or Wolf?
Vampire definitely! I’ve been there. I’ve tried it it’s really good, believe me.

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2 New Fan Videos of Robert Pattinson Signing Outside the Bel Ami Press Conference   Leave a comment

2 new HD fan videos from outside the bel ami press conference.

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Jay Baruchel (Cosmopolis Co-Star) Talks About Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

You’d think any actor would jump at the chance to work in a film that stars Robert Pattinson. Think of the exposure they’d get!

However, one of Pattinson’s Cosmopolis costars says it wasn’t the Twilight hunk that drew him to the film…

“Everybody keeps asking me what Pattinson was like,” Jay Baruchel told us last night at the premiere if his new film Goon at the Directors Guild in West Hollywood.

“He’s a lovely man, incredibly polite and very disarming, but I was just there because [director] David Cronenberg is my idol,” he said. “I got to be directed by my hero and I would have just picked up his dry cleaning, so the fact that I’m in it—I don’t even remember what I did. I was just kind of there watching the whole time.”

In the flick, Baruchel plays a man who starts a tech company alongside Pattinson. And we’re surprised to hear none of Baruchel’s friends or family begged him to come to set to meet the Breaking Dawn actor.

“I surround myself with girls who keep their stuff on the DL,” he grinned. “So I think my sister kept it to herself.”

Is Baruchel even a Twilight fan? He laughed, “Not really.”

Too bad Cronenberg didn’t direct one of the Twi-flicks!

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*VIDEO* Does Josh Hutcherson think he’s dreamier than Robert Pattinson?   Leave a comment

Twilight and Rob talk start at about 1:15

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*VIDEO* NEW Robert Pattinson Bel Ami On-set Interview   2 comments


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*SCANS* Remember Me and Breaking Dawn Part 1 in ’15 a 20′ magazine – Mexico   1 comment

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Australian Cosmopolis Release Date   3 comments

Here’s the Australian release date for Cosmopolis – August 30

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Robert old interview with 15 a 20 Magazine – November 2011 – Mexico   1 comment

Translation after the jump!

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Bel Ami Turkish Poster   1 comment

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