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Bel Ami Listed at Amazon UK   1 comment

Amazon UK has Bel Ami listed, on Blu-ray and DVD, on their site with the option to ‘Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available’ 

Click here for Blu-ray & here for DVD


*SCAN* New Pic of Robert Pattinson from the Louis Vuitton Show in Vanity Fair Italy   2 comments

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Official Logo for “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” and Release Date for Trailer in Spain   Leave a comment

Breaking Dawn Part2 Trailer: Release date On March 23, with A”l Borde Del Abismo” Premiere

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*VIDEO* Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson talk about Robert Pattinson   1 comment

Liam Hemsworth on stepping in Rob’s shoes

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Josh Hutcherson on who’s hotter

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*SCANS* Robert Pattinson and Bel Ami in ‘Hello’ magazine (Russia)   Leave a comment

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Great Robert Pattinson twitter backgrounds   2 comments

Here are some great new Robert Pattinson backgrounds by PatStewBoneCity

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UHQ Photo Of Ashley & Robert Pattinson From Breaking Dawn Event – Paris   Leave a comment

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Lee MacDougall Talks About “How to Be” Music and Mentions Rob   2 comments

You have a song called ‘How to Be’ that is the same name as the movie Robert Pattinson starred in. How did writing ‘How to Be’ come about?
I was speaking to my friend, Rob and he’d just been through an audition for a movie. He was telling me about the movie and telling me about this guy (his character) who was a complete loser and a failure. He wants to be a good musician, but he was rubbish. Rob thought the character was quite funny. I thought he seemed like a cool character. The film starts with the guy in a queue at a job center and ends with a guy in a queue at the job center; most of the actors and musicians in London are similar to that. I told him I was going to write the theme to the movie. I spent two days on my bed writing this song- I initially had a bit of writer’s block, but then it came to me. I took it back and played it to him and his family in his kitchen. I gave him the CD and said to play it to the producer and director.Then, Rob came back and told me that they had already picked out the soundtrack for it, but that it was a really good song. I thought to myself- ‘not to worry’, so I kept it and started playing it and it’s worked out really well. It’s not supposed to be about me, but everyone always assumes it’s about me. And, I think…. really?! Am I that much of a loser? (laughing)

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