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Cosmopolis Teaser!   13 comments

Here is the Cosmopolis Teaser

HD, no subtitles. (1080p) from the official FB page

And a great slow motion version of the teaser (Via/Via)


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Ashley Green talks about Rob   Leave a comment

New/Old Interview of Ashley Green talking about promoting Breaking Dawn in Paris with Rob – From the French BD DVD

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LQ Video: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Teaser!   2 comments

The BDP2 teaser shown before screening of The Hunger Games! Low quality for now.


Bella: After 18 years of being out of the ordinary, I finally found that I could shine.
Jacob: I didn’t expect you to seem so… you.
Edward: It’s so beautiful. We’re the same temperature now.


Confirmation: Release date and where to watch Bel Ami in the Netherlands   2 comments

After some confusion from Pathé (one of the biggest theater chains) about Bel Ami being removed from their release list we contacted Independant Films to ask them if and when Bel Ami will be released in the Netherlands. Their response:

Bel Ami is going to premiere on April 5th in the Netherlands. It’s going to be in at least three theaters: Kijkhuis Leiden, Gigant Apeldoorn & Lantaarn Rotterdam. There are negotiations with a few more theaters at the moment.

So for now just 3 theaters where it will premiere: we hope more will follow!

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Cosmopolis teaser will be online TOMORROW!   3 comments

Official Cosmopolis page says that the teaser will be online tomorrow!

And it is the official facebook page of the movie, since it’s linked on the Alfama Films website

ETA: It will be available online tomorrow morning on ALLOCINE and WAT_TV and It will be available both in French (with subtitles) and in English. Also, it will be longer than 10 seconds.

source | via RPLife

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Cronenberg says “Cosmopolis” will silence doubts about Rob   12 comments

To those critics who see Cosmopolis as a “last-chance-saloon” opportunity for Robert Pattinson to prove himself, acclaimed director David Cronenberg recently gave them some choice soundbites to chew on.
With acutely polarized reviews of Bel Ami still arriving online daily, and likely to continue until after June 8, (the U.S release date recently announced by Magnolia Pictures for the Maupassant adapted period drama), many critics have taken a slash-and-burn approach to their assessment of the Brit actor. However, on a recent visit to Ontario’s famed Queens University, director Cronenberg added his formidable opinion to the ongoing debate about his latest leading man’s abilities.

The veteran director—creator of such provocative cinematic gems as ScannersThe FlyA History of ViolenceDead Ringers, and more recently, A Dangerous Method—directed Pattinson in the forthcoming Cosmopolis. Based on Don Delillo’s dark novel about a young billionaire’s eventful limo journey into the underbelly of Manhattan, the film showcases the actor in nearly every scene. Co-stars Paul Giamatti and Mathieu Almaric say Pattinson is good in the film. Actually, make that great. And they’re not alone. Cronenberg—unsurprisingly, since he personally cast Pattinson—agrees.

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Awesome “Twilight Saga” comic book fan art   1 comment

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD Sales in UK Make It To Number 1   4 comments

From Official Charts:

While flowers are undoubtedly still the Number 1 gift for Mother’s Day, a surprising close second seems to be the latest installment of The Twilight Saga, as Breaking Dawn Part 1 rockets to the top of the Official Video Chart.
It seems as though there are a lot of British mums who are as equally obsessed with Robert Pattinson (who plays Edward Cullen in the hit films) as their teenage daughters as the fourth part of incredibly popular franchise debuts at Number 1 this Mothering Sunday.

With over 919,000 sales, Breaking Dawn Part 1 has outsold this week’s Number 2 DVD and Blu-ray release – The Help – by a staggering 854,000 copies making it the fastest selling video release of 2012. This amazing first week sales figure also means that Breaking Dawn Part 1 has become the second fastest selling home release of the Twilight Saga. It is just behind 2010’s New Moon, which sold over a million copies in the UK week one.

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