Cosmopolis Teaser!   13 comments

Here is the Cosmopolis Teaser

HD, no subtitles. (1080p) from the official FB page

And a great slow motion version of the teaser (Via/Via)


update: posted new HD screencaps and gifs here

Screencaps (thnx to RPLife):

From WAT_TV that has a page dedicated to Cosomopolis

(English + French Subtitles in HD

Dubbed in french


13 responses to “Cosmopolis Teaser!

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  1. Wow, this is very intense, don’t know how to assimilate it yet!!

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  3. Love it. The teaser trailer has my heart pounding. I’ve said it before……but this movie……this is the one that will show the world how great Rob really is. I know it.

    • I agree with your comment totally. Robert Pattinson is about to blow the critics right out of the water. The “Twilight” series just introduced this young, talented actor to the world; everyone better get ready for the explosion now. The best of Robert Pattinson’s acting skills & talents has yet to be seen, but it is definitely on the way for all of us to sit back and enjoy for many, many years to come!

  4. This looks good. Maybe they got him in a movie that shows hes got what it takes.Looking forward to seeing it.

  5. what a way to wake up in the morning

  6. OMFG. Whoa. So cool. Action!
    What are they called again, critics? Eat that one.

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  8. OMG Rob Patt is the BEST actor EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER !!! I cant understand why there is so much laugh about him sparkling….he doesnt wrote the script !!! I dont get when people compare him with Taylor Laughtner …i mean Taylor is handsome but…come on Rob is teh best

  9. Taylor is a cute, young boy; Robert Pattinson is a man! He has only just begun to reveal his acting talents. The critics will have to eat their words in the near future.

  10. Robert is amazing, amazing. this movie will be great. Hope you all us fans support him with Cosmopolis and Belami.

  11. *giggles* Im proud for Rob cuz hes showing people he is able to portray a lovely darling vampire that makes every girl fall in luv even without the abs , a gay painter, and that hes able too to be a lost guy whos insecure about his own life but finds a way to fix things n now a kinky rich man. Im just a bit worried (maybe im just being stupid, hope so) that he is getting stuck on the character of a casanova who hooks up a lot of ladies. I do know he has a lot of talent to show to the world he is a blast n he is more than a pretty face

  12. Wonderful, unique talented Rob! Congrats and many thanks to Cronenberg. So, so proud. The best ever, in a long time -after LittleAshes- Can’t wait to be thrilled. At last, Rob is free to mesmerize us into his world of art and beauty, once again. I’d follow this man to death if asked.
    THE MAN IS THE CAMELEON!!! I’ll keep saying this to my last breath.

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