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Old Robert Pattinson Japan photoshoot pic detagged and enhanced

I always liked the pic but there was only one big scan and it had huge texts and a barcode printed over it. I decided to clean it up, give it a little bit of color (there was a tiny color pic and a big black and white scan) and share it with all of you 😉 I believe the pic originated from 2009 but I could be wrong. Click to make it bigger.

*New Pic* GQ Africa detagged and bigger

Here’s the new scan detagged and made slightly bigger by @DreamySim1

Click to make bigger

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Detagged Pic of Robert Pattinson on the Cover of Italian Best Movie

Here’s the detagged pic of Robert Pattinson on the cover of Italian Best Movie. As usual I did the easy stuff and Maria did the hair. I have no clue how she does it but I’m speechless.

Detagged Remember Me Poster with a Few Colour Enhanced Versions

I detagged the Remember Me Poster and made a few colour enhanced versions for you guys.

More after the jump!

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Tribute Magazine Cover Detagged

Here’s the detagged cover of Tribute Magazine.

Source via RP Life

Detagged, Cropped and Enhanced Pics of Robert Pattinson from the Japan Photoshoot

I detagged, cropped and enhanced the new pics of Robert Pattinson from the Japan Photoshoot. Hope you like them.

More pics after the jump!

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Detagged UHQ Poster from Sugar Lad as Well as a Black & White Version

I detagged the UHQ poster of Robert Pattinson in Sugar Lad and made a black & white version for you guys.


Clickable version after the jump!

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