Detagged pic of Robert Pattinson on the cover of Vanity Fair   18 comments

Maria did a freaking AMAZING job untagging this. Original source for the cover is Breaking Dawn France


Posted October 31, 2009 by justfp in Photoshoots, Robert Pattinson

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18 responses to “Detagged pic of Robert Pattinson on the cover of Vanity Fair

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  1. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The big O just paid a visit…

  2. He looks soo good with a bit of a tan! Not that you get much chance of that when you live in the UK! 😀

  3. Halloween is gooood this year…*sighs* That’s all I need for my Halloween treat. It is COMPLETE. Thanks bbs! ❤

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  5. OMG, this is exactly what I was waiting for. You rock!!!

  6. omgg !! HE LOOKS AMAZINGGG!!!! it cant get better than that!! WOW !! sigh…. 🙂

  7. WOW! WOW! WOW! I need ammonia capsules!

  8. OK! Found them! Now I’m hallucinating! Guess who I’m seeing?!

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  12. Thank you for detagging this beautiful picture. He looks so wonderful and inviting!!!!!

  13. OK.
    Is it not official now? Rob is the hottest man on the planet. yeah, I thought so…….

  14. died….

  15. Freaking amazing job on this is Correct!!
    What a gorgeous photo.!!

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