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A Thank You and an Update   1 comment

Hi all, 

First of all I’d like to say thank you to all of you who helped us support Douglas! As you all know we’ve been working closely with Douglas Hamilton for the past 8 months.  Douglas has just returned from working with Dolphins in the Florida Keys.Douglas is a great singer / songwriter, you can check out his website for songs and loads of cute lion cub videos and dolphin pics here. Douglas has attracted a lot of attention from the media notably CNN and ABC’s The Bachelor. 

We still need your help with getting his name out there. He has a lot of talent and we really want to get his name out there and we will continue to promote him and would love if you guys could help us with that. Here are the ways you can help:

Like his FB page here

Follow him on Twitter here

Become a fan on Reverbnation here.

We’ll probably have more coming up regarding Douglas soon.  But in the meantime go enjoy his music, dolphin and lion pics here. 🙂 

Thank you all so much! We really appreciate it! 

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Some Information About What We’re Doing – Please Read   2 comments

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As many of you know we’ve been working with Douglas Hamilton to help him get his website up and started and everything. Head over to his website here and check it out! He’s a great musician. Check out the video below.

 Why are we doing this? We think he has some amazing talent and are trying to help him along 🙂 

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