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Exclusive article for ToR – Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild!   3 comments

Here’s an article that was written exclusively for Thinking of Rob by Dave O from Movie Set.

Let me start off by saying that Dave O, has commented a few times on Thinking of Rob, before Eclipse started filming. What I really liked about Dave was that he was in no way related to the Twilight world, therefore his opinion was honest and unbiased.

Since a few months have passed and we all know how things are in Vancouver, I thought I would ask Dave to write up an article for us, his first reactions was: “You know I’m not really related to the Twilight world right?” To which I answered “Yes, that’s exactly what I want, the perspective of someone in Vancouver who’s not linked to the Twilight world.”  So he agreed to write up an article for Thinking of Rob.

 So here it is, a Vancouverite’s persepective  of what’s going on in Vancouver.

By the way Dave, I love that you called Ted a cheeseball 😉


Eclipse in the North – Twilight films in Vancouver and the fans & media go wild!

By Dave O, Director of Fan Communities,

A Brief History of Hollywood North

For the last 20 years, Vancouver has grown into a busy shooting location to the point Hollywood Northis a common nickname. While in recent years, a lot of top 10 shows from X Files to Smallville has replaced the reputation as home to well-intentioned but made-on-the-cheap shows like Macgyver. Indeed a lot of films made in Vancouver looked like after school specials or seemed destined to DVD release.


But Vancouver doesn’t care because we’re too cool to care *that* much. Yup, we roll eyes (or even scowl) at movie sets blocking bike lanes, expect limos to wait in traffic with everyone else, and don’t hassle the famous when you see them out in public. Because Vancouver is such a mellow city for celebrity spotters, many famous people make their year round or keep a vacation home (or reserved hotel suite at the Opus) in Vangroovy (AKA Lotus Land).

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