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New/Old Picture of Robert Pattinson, Gates McFadden and Eddie Redmayne   Leave a comment

Here’s a picture of Robert Pattinson, Eddie Redmayne and Gates McFadden



Eddie Redmayne talks about Robert Pattinson in an interview with ‘Big Issue’   Leave a comment


Are you really friends though? You’re supposedly also friends with Robert Pattinson, Jamie Dornan, Tom Hiddleston… How do you meet these hot young actors? 
What do you mean? Where do you meet people? Do you want to go online –
I’m not looking for dating advice. Is that something actors do, say nice things about people they may have worked with once or twice?
When you’ve been in the acting world long enough you work with people again and again. Jamie, Rob, Andrew Garfield and I have been working for about 12 years, starting in theatre in London. I was at school and university with Tom Hiddleston. When we go to Los Angeles we would stay on friends’ floors and as a group of Brits we would stick together and help each other with auditions. People become family. So they are actually friends, I promise we’re not just pumping hot air up each others’…

Are they on your Christmas card list?

I was just talking to Hannah, my girlfriend [yes, he used the word girlfriend four days before marrying her], about Christmas cards. I feel like the second you start a Christmas card list then you can never stop and you’re perpetually causing offence to people – if you forget to send one and you did the year before. Although as a kid I used to love making Christmas cards, with a bit of Pritt Stick and glitter. It was probably my favourite time of the year.

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*Video* Eddie Redmayne Talks About Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

Here’s a video of Eddie Redmayne speaking about Robert Pattinson



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*AUDIO* Eddie Redmayne says Robert Pattinson is a great singer   1 comment

Eddie Redmayne talks about Robert Pattinson and says he’s a great singer

You can listen here at 2:27


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Eddie Redmayne Has an "incestuous" Relationship With Robert Pattinson and Tom Sturridge?   2 comments

Kristen Stewart was a pre-“Twilight” 17 years old when she filmed the coming of age drama “The Yellow Handkerchief,” with British actor Eddie Redmayne in New Orleans, a film due out later this month. But the two stars revealed to on Thursday that Kristen learned her first details about her then-upcoming co-star Robert Pattison from Eddie, who turned out to be a R-Patz pal.

“Randomly, at the end of this, you were about to do ‘Twilight,’” Eddie said, turning to his “Handkerchief” co-star Kristen during Access’ interview. “I had known Rob since I was [younger]. So I was like, ‘Yeah! You’re working with my mate Rob!’ You’re like, ‘Really? What’s he like?’ I was like, ‘He’s a good boy.’”

Kristen said although she first attempted to find out more about her “Twilight” co-star from his pal, she realized Eddie’s lips were fairly sealed.

“I sort of got from [Eddie] that they were friends for a long time and he wasn’t going to say anything bad about him. Even if there was something bad, it was just sort of like, ‘Yeah, it’ll be good,’” Kristen laughed.

Eddie confirmed he and his British boys club buddies stick together, a group that includes Eddie, R-Patz and “Vanity Fair” actor Tom Sturridge.

“They’re like, so almost incestuous,” Kristen said.

“It is incestuous,” Eddie laughed. “Rob and Tommy Sturridge and I – we’ve all been at it for a while now and it [is] so funny what happens when you start doing the jobs and you work with other people and you realize the whole industry is incredibly incestuous.”

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Video: Eddie Redmayne Speaks About Robert Pattinson   Leave a comment

The mention is at about 0:22.

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“And after all the craziness that I’ve watched Rob, who’s an old mate and I knew Rob before I met Kristen actually, and they both retained such a great head on their shoulders despite the extraordinary chaos and wonder that is ‘Twilight.’ So I think they’ll remain doing interesting work, and I can’t wait to see what it is they’ll do next.”

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