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Hugh Jackman Talks About Singing Karaoke with Rob   2 comments

Hugh Jackman recalls singing karaoke with Robert Pattinson in Japan.

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Latest ‘Unbound Captives’ Official Production Info   6 comments

From @Larry411

Latest official production info on UNBOUND CAPTIVES —
STATUS: Spring 2012
LOCATION: New Mexico
PRODUCER: Ashok Amritraj – Gil Netter
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Madeleine Stowe
LP: Grant Hill
CAST: Hugh Jackman – Rachel Weisz – Robert Pattinson

The year is 1860 and a turbulent America is on the brink of a civil war. The story tells the volatile, epic tale of Tom, a white frontiersman, raised Comanche and his love for May, a woman whose son and daughter are kidnapped by Indians. Their parallel lives intersect as they battle through a vast and violent landscape, bound together by their deep love and haunted pasts, their willfulness, and a relentless search to find her disappeared children.

Robert Pattinson in OK Magazine (Philippines) – September   2 comments




This isn’t a new interview, but here it is:

Robert Pattinson and his friends were trying to have a quiet lunch, in a restaurant they chose because no one else was dining there at the time. But fans and paparazzi quickly came in hordes and all of a sudden, Rob’s quiet lunch turned into a huge media event!
“We were in this place for a couple of hours and suddenly there were like three or four hundred people outside on the street,” Rob tells OK!.. “It was just so nuts and it’s like that all the time now. There was no one else in the restaurant at the time and I remember looking outside and thinking, ‘What are you doing?’’’
It’s been a year since Rob was first thrust into the Twilight spotlight as the eternally young 108-year-old vampire Edward Cullen but he still has to get used to all the intense- and at time crazy- attention towards him. “It’s still so sort of new,” he confesses. “But I’m trying to enjoy it as much as I can.”

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Pics of Robert Pattinson and Hugh Jackman hugging at the TCA   5 comments

Awww Rob and Hugh hugging


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