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WFE Costume Designer Jacqueline West mentions Robert Pattinson in an Interview with Vogue   6 comments

The costume designer Jacqueline West mentions Rob in an interview with Vogue magazine

How closely do you work with actors?
Reese was very involved with creating a look for Marlena with [director] Francis [Lawrence] and me. We watched 30s films together and pored over hundreds of stills. She studied women’s postures, stances, body language. They even smoked differently. Rob [Pattinson] was wonderful in that way too.

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‘Water For Elephants’ Costume Reveals Her Favorite Robert Pattinson Look   2 comments

From Hollywoodcrush:
For some of us it’s the dashing tux, for others it’s the daring leather jacket, but for “Water for Elephants” costume designer Jacqueline West, Robert Pattinson’s best look in the upcoming film is without a doubt the working-man clothes his character dons right after joining the circus. This, of course, shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for those of you who have been following “WFE” news closely. After all, Jacqueline already admitted to us that she likes her RPattz “dirty and sweaty and dusty” (and really, who can blame her?!).

“I just loved him in the buckle back, 1930s Levi’s with suspenders and the work shirt with boots, the bridges tucked in the boots,” said Jacqueline. Oh, and speaking of the footwear, Rob’s wearing authentic World War I boots in the movie.

Jacqueline said the look was one of her favorites because it revealed Rob’s form (which is apparently a lot “manlier” than it seems in “Twilight”).

“It showed his physique, yet it was so real and he looked so comfortable,” she said.

Of course, the work clothes do more than flatter Rob’s figure (so to speak). Jacqueline said they also give the audience some insight into his character’s journey.

“It was a real transformation from his college look and it shows—there’s a certain sadness that it evokes from being a vet graduating from Cornell and your future…and all of a sudden you’re shoveling manure for a circus,” she said. “It evokes a sadness of the depression and how many lives were altered because of Wall Street. There’s something provocative about this time and yet it’s such a modern look.”

In fact, it’s a look she anticipates will soon hit the runway.

“I think that work wear is going to become a real sign of the times,” she said.

RPattz helping spark fashion trends? We knew it’d happen sooner or later.


Water for Elephants – Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon’s On-Set Style   1 comment

To play a circus performer in the big-screen adaptation of Water for Elephants, Reese Witherspoon had to transform her chic modern style into a believable retro look, something she couldn’t have done without the expertise of wardrobe designer Jacqueline West.”In the 1930s, gowns were very revealing, ” says West. “The women of that era wore them without any underwear, so that’s what Reese did. She was very brave.” Witherspoon’s co-star Robert Pattinson also got into character with his unmentionables. “He loved that I had authentic 1930s underwear for him,” West remembers. “He said it helped transport him.”

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WFE Costume Designer Jacqueline West talks about Rob’s mainly style   Leave a comment

From Hollywoodcrush:

There’s no denying Robert Pattinson has a certain something. Experts have tried to pinpoint the precise formula for his unique brand of awesome (unkempt hair + self-effacing personality = the man of our dreams?), but the magical recipe continues to allude. Being the benevolent blog that we are, we decided to aid the scientific community by asking someone who’s got loads of personal insight—”Water for Elephants” costume designer Jacqueline West.

You see, Jacqueline gave Rob his favorite pair of 1930s underpants (no really, read all about it), and we figured, who better than the woman who dressed him (figuratively at least!) to give us some dish. Jacqueline spoke to us about Rob’s cool style off set and how his physique was different than what she expected after seeing “Twilight.”

“You know, he’s very casual. He wears jeans and hoodies and tennis shoes, but he has a really, really nice style,” she said. “Everything is well selected, but he’s very casual. He is a jeans and T-shirt, sweatshirt kind of guy.” In other words, totally our type (hear that Rob?).

Jacqueline also added that Rob cleans up “nicely”, but that she prefers his “dirtied” up look in the flick.

“This movie, I used to tell friends, ‘he really dirties up well.’ We’ve all seen him…used to seeing him so scrubbed and clean in the ‘Twilight’ movies. It’s great to see him dirty and sweaty and dusty and really in working clothes,” she said (as if we needed another reason to go out and buy a ticket for the movie). “It was a nice transformation and it made him such a different person than the other films I’ve seen him in.”

Speaking off those other films, Jacqueline said that she watched “Twilight” to get a sense of Rob’s body shape but that it didn’t really do justice to his physique.

“I didn’t realize from the ‘Twilight’ movies how really manly he is. I didn’t realize until I really met Rob in person how really manly I could make his wardrobe and that he would be able to wear it so well,” she said. “I didn’t know how big he is. He’s really like a Gary Cooper or someone like that, he has incredible stature.”


Jacqueline West, WFE Costume Designer, Says Rob Is The Next Brad Pitt   2 comments

From Hollywood Crush:

There’s no denying that Robert Pattinson is hot, but does he have what it takes to be the next Brad Pitt? “Water for Elephants” costume designer, Jacqueline West, who worked with Brad on “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” seems to think so.

“I think Brad would think so too,” Jacqueline told us.

Jacqueline, who designed all of Rob’s 1930s looks in “WFE” (including his new favorite pair of underpants!) said that similar to Brad, designing for Rob was a treat.

“He’s kind of perfect,” she said. “He’s easy, like Brad in that way. You can’t put anything on them that they don’t look good in.” Ahh the advantages of being ridiculously good looking.

That’s not where the similarities end though. Jacqueline added that the two guys have a lot more in common than their looks.

“Both of them are so nice to work with. They’re both really lovely people and nice to everyone, respectful of everyone’s work and collaborative and genuine,” she said (as if we needed more reasons to love them). “There’s something very down to earth about both of them. Brad, because he’s from the Midwest, I think, and Rob, because he came from theater.”

Jacqueline, who has met both Brad and Rob’s families (seriously, how can we get that job?), said that their upbringing is definitely to credit for their all-around awesomeness.

“I met both their families and they’re both lovely and well brought up,” she said.

And there’s more. Jacqueline also noticed a common thread in the way both actors work.

“They’re similar in the way they approach characters and a part and how they’re so respectful about their craft.”

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