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Michael Welch mentions Robert Pattinson in an interview   1 comment


toofab: Now that the “Twilight” franchise is done, what is your favorite and least favorite memory?

Michael: I have a lot of great memories hanging out with the cast and fans over the years. One time, Justin ChonGreg Boyce, and I were driving through the streets of Portland, blasting angry music and screaming at the top of our lungs. I forget the circumstances, we were frustrated about something. None of us really knew each other very well at that point, but that was a great bonding experience to get out our collective aggression. You get closer to dudes after something like that.Rob [Pattinson] once talked to me about his musical process, that was cool.

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*VIDEO* Michael Welch mentions Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner   3 comments

Michael Welch talks about Rob, Kristen and Taylor

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Michael Welch Talks About Robert Pattinson to The Fab Life   Leave a comment

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“While our own Kate Spencer was interviewing Mike Welch on the Breaking Dawn black carpet on Monday, they were interrupted by the piercing sound of fans noticing the arrival of Robert Pattinson. Mike, whose character Mike has also grown used to girls reactions to Edward, joked about what it must be like for Rob to live with that kind of daily reaction to your existence.

“That’s his life. That’s every day for him,” he remarked. “This is once a year for me. He goes into Starbucks and that happens.”

Mike admires the way RPattz and Kristen Stewart have managed their mega-fame through the years. “He handles it like a champ, because he is just a self-deprecating human being and he doesn’t really take any of it seriously, so he’s just like, whatever,” he said. “Kristen doesn’t care at all. She just wants to make movies. It’s pretty amazing that those two people were put in this position. It’s crazy.”

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Old/New Pic of Robert Pattinson and Michael Welch Behind the Scenes of Twilight   3 comments

Here’s an old/new pic of Robert Pattinson and Michael Welch on the set of Twilight. 

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*Video* Michael Welch Talks Robert Pattinson In An Interview   Leave a comment

The interview was shot right after Eclipse, but was  released on YouTube last week. Rob mention starts  at 6:25

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