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*Translation* Exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson in Mikrogids – Netherlands   14 comments

Translation of the exclusive interview with Robert Pattinson in Mikrogids Netherlands (translation by @DreamySim1 from Thinking of Rob)

We posted the scans previously here

British actor Robert Pattinson can not complain about his succes. Especially because of his role in the vampire series Twilight Saga, Part 1 – which will be broadcast wednesday (on Dutch tv), he grew into a world star. Nevertheless, he still considers his fame as strange. “Many people go insane when they become famous,” he told us in an exclusive interview.

There is a long line of fences around the luxurious L’hotel Amigo in the heart of Brussels, heavily guarded by soldiers and men with earpieces. The group of young people in front of the fences is growing rapidly. They’re all looking forward to meeting Robert Pattinson (25), who is doing a European promotional tour in honor of his latest Twilight Saga movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (in Dutch cinemas next Wednesday). Unfortunately for them, the actor is kept pretty occupied inside. He will only meet his Belgian fans that same evening at a special fan event. ‘Who knows, maybe they all look like Tintin’, the actor says laughing.

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