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‘Remember Me’ lets Pattinson ditch the fangs – MAJOR SPOILER WARNING   Leave a comment

Edward Cullen may be a world-class brooder, but the actor who portrays him, Robert Pattinson, actually enjoys a good laugh.

Pattinson certainly has much to be happy about these days. His career is red-hot, with the “Twilight” films having made him a multimedia sensation. He hopes his latest picture, “Remember Me,” which opens March 12, continues his career’s upwards trajectory. At the very least, it’s allowed him to do something he’s rarely had a chance to do onscreen: Smile.

“That’s one of the main reasons I wanted to do it,” Pattinson says of the film. “I had never played a normal guy. I’ve always done period stuff or fantasy stuff.”

Warning: This story contains MAJOR spoilers including the ending of   “Remember Me.”

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