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Water for Elephants one of New York Post’s ’10 Must See Movies In April’   2 comments

#9. “Water For Elephants”
For a large cross-section of the population, any Robert Pattinson movie warrants attendance — but I’m particularly excited about this big screen adaptation since everyone raved about the book and now I don’t have to read it to find out what the big deal is! Trailer April 22

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Jackson Rathbone Speaks About Robert Pattinson with the NY Post   3 comments

Jackson spoke a bit about Rob in an interview with the NY Post. I’m only posting the part pertaining to Rob. You can read the entire article here.

From the NY Post:

PW: Seems like music is a common theme on your sets — the  “Twilight“ cast is all pretty musical as well, right?

Jackson: Oh yeah, we have a lot of musicians in the cast – it’s fun, we’d have Cullen Family Jam Band Sessions in the hotel. Sit around, play harmonica and work on some songs. We’d help Rob [Pattinson] out with songs he was working on, they’d help with songs I was working on, Nikki [Reed] and I would write song together and Kristen [Stewart] would play a bit too.

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