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SCANS: Robert Pattinson on the cover of ‘Studio Cine Live’ – France   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson on the cover of ‘Studio Cine Live’


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‘The Rover’ Review by Studio Ciné Live   Leave a comment

The Rover’ review by Studio Ciné Live


A road movie with ironic darkness.

David Michôd likes contrasts. Discovered with ‘Animal Kingdom’, a psychological thriller, almost behind closed doors, visually dark, we find him three years later with a postapocalyptique western located in the australian outtaback, overwhelmed by the sun. But this light is misleading. ‘The Rover’ works in the same tetanizing way as his first feature film. (… Synopsis …) Accompanied by an anxiogenic and intriguing sountrack, this road movie is terribly ironic especially for his darkness. Subtly blowing hot and cold, Michôd manages to create empathetic conditions toward the selfish and monstrous central character in the literal sense. Until a disconcerting final scene, but finalizing the work of a this master of cynicism, so assured that it becomes fascinating. In the main roles, the rough hardness of Guy Pearce goes perfectly with lost innocence brought out by Robert Pattinson. Any resemblance to any existing characters and economic situtations … or about to be are obviously anything but accidental.


*SCANS* Cosmopolis in Studio Ciné Live magazine – France   1 comment

Cosmopolis and David Cronenberg interview in Studio Ciné Live magazine – France

ETA: Cosmopolis review added (Translation via RP Life)

A Cronenberg as brilliant as he is firm.
Each in their own genre, David Cronenberg and Don DeLillo are silversmiths of fantastic, unhealthy and sometimes dark atmospheres. As well as of the science of language and characters in shambles and – let’s not forget – of controversy.
It’s then pretty obvious that one would end up adaptating the other’s work. Cosmopolis is the ghostly and hypnotic story of a day in the life of a golden boy who is about to lose his empire because of the crisis, indifferent to the world that surrounds him. He’s hypochondriac and schizophrenic. His long journey across a chaotic New York, rythmed by meetings with his wife, his mistresses and his employees, will lead him to a point of no return. In a perfect balanced cinematic movement, David Cronenberg decided to adapt to the letter the extremely rich prose of Don DeLillo. He filmed with an incredible ingenuity this stifling and unsetlling closed-door.
This preconception to stay faithful to the text of the author is amazing but not without any danger. Especially in the last part of the film, where one could definitely get lost in a verbal flood that becomes complex for the viewer and for Robert Pattinson – who was perfect until then – but seems, all of the sudden, not to be able to manage anything anymore.

As always with Cronenberg, there’s no in between, no second place, no way out. Cosmopolis gets appreciated at full or not at all. Take it or leave it.

3/5 stars

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