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TwiExaminer and Miami Herald Review Remember Me – Some Spoilers   Leave a comment

From TwiExaminer

Remember Me is a film which immediately beckons the thought of at least two adjectives: emotional and provident.

The film chronicles a point in time of the lives of “Tyler” (Robert Pattinson) and “Ally” (Emilie de Ravin), though it also rather importantly peeks into the contemporaneous journey of Tyler’s younger sister “Caroline” (Ruby Jerins).  Tyler’s mother (Lena Olin), father (Pierce Brosnan), stepfather (Greg Jbara), and friend (Tate Ellington) as well as Ally’s father (Chris Cooper) are prominent characters whose emotional statuses through the story are intertwined with the main characters’.

DIRECTOR: Allen Coulter

CAST: Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Ruby Jerins, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Tate Ellington, Martha Plimpton, Greg Jbara, Kate Burton, and Peyton List.

SUMMARY: Tyler and Ally have separately endured unmistakable tragedies, and they continue to suffer from their losses. While both incidences of privation took place years prior to the film’s setting, the marks left upon the two are heavy and unyielding (and in Tyler’s case very literal).

Aidan, Tyler’s friend and partner in crime, encourages him to pursue the company of a girl, Ally, because he has discovered her to be the daughter of a policeman who has wronged the two.

From the first moment that Tyler approaches Ally, though, it becomes clear that revenge is not the dish being served at their dinner date and that dessert, instead, is the first course.

The two enjoy a rather quick but unhurried romantic connection and things escalate between them in the regular course. The circumstances leading up to their union, however, threaten to disturb the stillness of their waters.

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