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New Robert Pattinson interview with VH1   1 comment

Robert Pattinson interview with VH1


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*VIDEO* New interview of Rob with VH1 – would he show Twilight to his kids?   Leave a comment

We’ve posted videos of VH1 before HERE and HERE but this is a new snippet:

CLICK HERE or the image to watch:



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*VIDEO* More Robert Pattinson VH1 Interviews   Leave a comment

Here are two new VH1 interviews. Click the screen shots below to be taken to the videos.

Robert talked about what he learned playing Edward.

Robert Pattinson talks about showing his kids Twilight.

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*VIDEO* More of Robert Pattinson’s Interview with VH1   Leave a comment

Robert Pattinson talks about his relationship with his Father.


Robert Pattinson talks golfing with Anthony Mackie


Bill Condon talks about Rob’s ideas for vampire sex.



Robert Pattinson Interview with VH1: Talks Golfing With Anthony Mackie   Leave a comment

CLICK THE IMAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO (Not available in all regions)

VH1: When Anthony Mackie first told VH1 News about his playing golf with his “homeboy” Robert Pattinson, we were ecstatic about the image of the two in their best crazy-print pants, tee-ing off and shooting the breeze, or insert some other golf-y thing here. So of course when Kate Spencer got the chance to sit down with Rob at the Breaking Dawn – Part 2 press day last week, she asked him about his game. And then Rob promptly shattered our dreams.

“I don’t understand where this has come from!” Rob said, laughing. “I’ve seen him do another interview as well. I’m like, what is this? He’s really deadpan joking about it. I mean, I would love to, but, uh. Unless this has happened without me realizing it. Which is possible.”


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Video: Robert Pattinson Mentioned on VH1's 2009: That Really Happened?   Leave a comment
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