Life Story Special Edition on Robert Pattinson (Tons of pics and info)   20 comments

Life Story has issued a special edition on Robert Pattinson. I haven’t had time to read it this morning because I’ve been sneezing non-stop for the past hour, so I don’t know if there’s a load of crap included in there but upon first glance it didn’t seem so. You can find all the magazine scans (95 pages) here.




20 responses to “Life Story Special Edition on Robert Pattinson (Tons of pics and info)

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  1. Do you know if this is readily available in the US? I’m actually pretty new to your site – and I LOVE it!! I visit here several times a day so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid, lol!

    • Your question is not stupid at all 🙂 Glad you enjoy the blog. I don’t know if it’s available in the US actually… See I can be pretty clueless myself sometimes 😉 If I find out I’ll make sure to let you know.

  2. Sneezing right there with you! But I think it’s because I’m cleaning right now, lol.

    Are you in the US?

    I tried to enlarge the cover to see if I could see the price so that would give me a clue, but I couldn’t. Magazines such as this one I would love to add to my collection. Maybe I’ll just google it and see what happens.

    Thanks for replying so quickly! I love the fact that you can subscribe to the posts. It makes it SO much easier to keep track of the topics I want to follow. When you have a slow computer like mine, that feature is truly appreciated.

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  4. THANK YOU!! I saw this at Borders yesterday but was too embarrassed to buy it. I think I’m going to go back today, though.

    • Never be embarrased to buy anything with Rob on it!! 🙂 You don’t want to know how old I am!! I bought one of those huge beautiful gift boxes (hard to explain) and it’s already full of magazines with him on it. And I didn’t even know who Rob was until March 21st. Yeah, I’m late to the boat. It’s all my daughter’s fault! I’d be in really big trouble if I actually had money to spend on this kind of stuff.

      There’s nothing wrong with having something to make you happy and smile. All I know is every time I look at his face, watch one of his interviews, watch a fanmade video, or see one of his movies, my whole face lights up. Anything to get my mind off of my real life.

      Go buy it!! 🙂

  5. this is great! thank you!

    i don’t want you to think i only post to complain, because that’s not it at all. however, i think you’re missing a page or two. i was reading these pages and after 18 it skips to 21. the article is in the middle of a sentence about GoF that doesn’t match the other pages. i only noticed because yeah, i’m reading every piece of this and wondered where it went. LOL

    thanks again for posting. this is wonderful!

  6. hi!
    my first visit today 🙂 great blog
    now i ll come back everyday……
    thank you for sharing this magazine scans…..i would so buy this magazine….oh yes :))) but i live in germany and NO chance………omg, i really need this mag..
    you can really have the worst day in your life….and than you watch one of his interviews or something…….. everything is fine again…….you just had to smile.
    rob is adorable.

  7. you can really have the worst day in your life….and then you watch one of his interviews or something…….. everything is fine again…….you just had to smile.

    sorry 🙂 then……..not than *hehe*
    my english is terrible, but i try my best.

    oh by the way.
    it is august 2, 2009 🙂 01:44 ……..night 🙂

  8. Not a happy camper at the moment!! 😦 Went to Border’s this afternoon and they didn’t have it. They even went to the basement to look for it through the shipments they had received, but not put out yet. Problem is Borders’s is a half hour drive for me and I can’t keep going back. I will have to check again in a few days and hope they have it.

  9. Marie…Love, love, love the scans…*smooches*

    P.S. Feels strange not to call you FP..Need to get used to it *blush*

    Made me a believer

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