My new video: Robert Pattinson – Only a man   105 comments

Here’s the new video I just finished. Thanks MsJBell for suggesting the song. The lyrics explain it all.

Posted August 2, 2009 by justfp in My videos, Robert Pattinson

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105 responses to “My new video: Robert Pattinson – Only a man

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  1. Nice vid thanks:)

  2. Beautiful! Almost brought me to tears…..

  3. GAH!
    I knew you’d do it justice.
    Seriously, the quotes/audio/video/pics… just all of it – amazing amazing amazing job.
    Thanks so much for taking my song suggestion πŸ˜‰


  5. Very good once again. πŸ™‚

    Maria (britneyrocks25)
  6. I really think its a perfect video for a perfect time.. There are so many expectations on Rob… its a lot of balls to keep up in the air for one person.. He is a great man but he is Just a Man…

  7. I can’t stop watching it! Another great one, hon!

  8. Very, very moving. Great job.

  9. WOW, FP this is my favorite so far, loved how you added the video and voice overs.

  10. Amazing video but really made me sad:(

  11. Dammit. I must be PMSing…you always make me cry with your sad vids. I had to turn away at the fan attack, and at the stalkerazzi by the restaurant when his head is down and it is obvs he hates it. I’m still mad at Manager Nick for making him stand there.

  12. Thanks for all the comments guys. Glad you like it. I go with the feeling I have you know



    I ❀ YA'LL!

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  15. thanks for the vid… that was a perfect tribute. we love him but he’s not superman…

  16. Ironic isn’t it though? Constantly in the public eye, attacked by fangirls and so on, but is all alone as a man.

    • How very true…

    • So true and so sad. 😦

    • Alone by his own decision!

      • I’m sorry but that’s not for you to choose is it? I’m pretty damn sure I know where you’re coming from and I’ll say it again. Not your choice woman.

        And do you realize you just dissed the only guy who posts on this blog or probably any Rob blog for that matter? (AmberRMW’s hubby)

      • What I mean by being alone is that he is not with the people who make him happy like Sam, Bobby, and Marcus. Being screamed at and stalked at all hours of the day/night would make anyone want to be in a box. So yes, by his own decision he does not want to be around screaming 15 yr old fangirls and dickfart paparazzi.

        • Whaaaaaaatttttttttttt?
          He made every decision of his life by himself, apart from the one that he has been born so good looking and talented. He decided to be an actor, he decided to go to Hollywood, after his enormous success he decided to sign for more movies. He knew from his Harry Potter experience at 17 yrs what this business is like. He can stop any time he wants to.
          He can have a girlfriend or two or more if he wants to. He can have parents or friends flown to him every weekend if he wants to. He can have everything.
          He is having the time of his life and he likes it. Crazy fangirls and annoying paparazzi is a minor inconvenience

          Just stating my opinion, not dissing anyone. Peace!

          • He never thought that Twilight would be so big. He’s said so himself in many interviews. I don’t think anyone can be prepared for this kind of mass hysteria. This isn’t how it is for the majority of actors.

            He also can’t stop at any time he wants as you mentioned. He’s got a contract with Summit and I’m pretty sure that an iron clad contract.

            Let’s put this in perspective. #1 He can’t go around and have a fling with whomever he wants because it will end up splashed all over the tabloids so he has to be very careful, how many money hungry girls out there would be willing to sell him out?

            #2 Regarding the girlfriends, who would date him? Can you imagine the uproar? The attacks from crazy fans (and trust me I’ve read alot of what some of them say and it’s quite scary sometimes) and being stalked by paps all the time. Having their entire life story and love life splashed across mags. I know I wouldn’t.

            Sure he can have his friends and family flown in every weekend but is it the same as being home? I’m sure you’ve probably been away from home for some short amount of time at some point. How great is it to finally be back home? You step into the house and drop onto the couch and you just get that great feeling of being back home no? I know I do.

            Money is far from being everything. Money doesn’t bring happiness. I’m still amazed at the amount of people who think that. Yes money can make your life a little easier but it will never make you happier. Money & belonging are futile. Trust me when I say this. I speak from experience. I lost my mom in a house fire. I lived with her but was at work that day. I lost everything I owned that day except the clothes on my back. But you know what? I didn’t care one bit because the most important thing of all was that I lost the one person in the world who I could always rely on. You can never replace that. Money, belongings? Just not that important when it comes down to it.

            That quote I used at the beginning of the video is from Comic-Con 2009. He says:
            “Your life, you’re walking along the street, as a really bad analogy, you step on a little stone, and it just kind of flies away and you have no idea where its going. And then you are just trying not to drown afterwards. And that’s my life.”

            So you say he’s having the time of his life but would someone who is really say that?

            James Patterson wrote a book called Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas and I thought there was a great moral behind something written in the book. Here it is:

            “Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – Work – Family – Health – Friends – Spirit, and you’re keeping all of these in the air.

            You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four balls — family, health, friends and spirit are made of glass. If you drop one of these, they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered.”

            Okay I’m done writing my novel now πŸ˜‰

            • FP you know I agree with you 100%. People who say – it’s my opinion and I’m not dissing anyone – well you’re actually dissing Rob because if you really listened to and watched him I doubt you would think he is having the time of his life – all the time. And I’m sure we have all made choices in life that we regret.

              Yes he chose to be in Twilight, yes he did sign on for the movies – but that was well before he had any idea of what they would do to his life. Remember – he signed on for 3 from the beginning. I suppose you would argue that he could pull out of them at any time. Sure – now that would go down real well in Hollywood wouldn’t it – but then again – you will say – problem solved – no career no papz no hassles.

              I’m not going to reiterate every point that FP has made above – because she has said it perfectly.

              Everyone thinks Rob’s life is great because he’s making money. Have you ever heard him once discuss what his earnings are? That should be a clear indication that it’s not about the money for him. But I guess what people are saying is that if you choose a career that puts you in the public eye – then you should put up and shut up and expect to be grabbed, molested and chased whenever you walk out of your home, hotel or the airport. Well then next time I happen to pass a “celebrity” in the street I’ll make sure I do that and tell them that it comes with the territory – right. Because why should we respect someone that has “put themselves in that position”.

              Oh and btw Jellybeanrainbow – just so you know Rob was actually 18 in HP not 17.

            • Of course it is not about the money. It’s about success in professional life that is important for most people.
              And he did it at 23!
              Living in a small European country and having (musicians and actors ) friends who are struggling to be successful in what they do I know how hard and depressing can it be if you try for years and don’t get acknowledge you deserve. They would endure paparazzi and crazyfangirls and all if they were given a chance to do what they want the most and make a living while doing it.
              Fame is just a side effect of being successful. And choosing a path Rob did, he must have known this could happen. it happened sooner than he expected, but he’ll deal with it.
              I have many friends, guys, of his age and I know they would enjoy being in Rob’s place at the moment.
              Maybe he isn’t happy all the time, being an old soul and more sensitive than others, but his life isn’t that sad.
              His laughter and the smiles he is still giving us prove it.

              • JellybeanRainbow I think you missed the point of the vid. It’s not suggesting he is that sad all the time – it’s just suggesting that his life isn’t THAT perfect and should someone have to pay this price for doing what they choose to do. And seriously this level of scrutinty hasn’t happened in a very long time – if at all. Even Leo didn’t have it this bad. And as for having success @ 23 – do you judge success by the fact that he is hounded by media and screaming girls? I think Rob would judge success quite differently to you.

  17. Extremely well done and very fitting. Reminds us how difficult his life has become when all he wants is to work and be left alone. It would be great if it would die down for him but I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. We can hope that people will respect him and let him be.

    I know some people were upset that he met fans on Thursday night, but did acknowledge them on Friday and Saturday. But watching that video should remind them of how crazy it is for him everyday and he is just a person and we must respect his right not to meet and greet when he doesn’t want to. It’s very overwhelming I’m sure.

    Thanks again for the great video…as always fantastic job!

  18. I just want to hug him and tell him it’s gonna be alright. Come to momma and I’ll make it all better!!!!!

    Great Video…..thanks

  19. Beautiful but sad video. Poor Rob! Perfect Song too! Great Job!

  20. Awesome video, but then again, all of your videos are awesome!! But this one is so sad and melancholy, yet beautiful. I love how you put the voiceovers in there and the photos you used were so appropriate for the lyrics. This makes us realize what Rob is going through now, the paranoia, the fear of being mauled at or attacked by over zealous fangirls, and how he cannot do the simple everyday things anymore. Like he said at ComicCon, now he has people that do that stuff for him. I’m sure that he misses being “one of the people” The part where it shows pictures of London really got to me. Rob has been travelling all over the world for over a year now, and I’m sure he would really love to be able to go home to London to see his family and friends.

    Anyway, we need to give Rob the respect and appreciation that he SO deserves, and all of us true fans do just that. Keep up the awesome work on your videos, I love them!!!!

    Lynda from philly
  21. WOW!!! This video is sooooo perfect. I love the song choice. I don’t think there could have been one better. After listening to hiim speak in interviews this video fits in perfectly to what he addresses everytime. Truly I do hope he is able to relax a bit before the new movie comes out. He is very devoted to his work and his art but to deal with all the rubbish everyday can take a toll on ones self being. I truly wish him well and hope he continues to receive all the loving support from us fans for years to come (but in a respectable way). Hey he’s no different than the rest of us and we would want the same courtesy if the rolses were reversed. Justfp WAY TO GO!!

  22. This is so fantastic. I’m all teared-up over here! The perfect song, the perfect treatment. Heartfelt and sensitively done, as per your usual excellent standards, FP. I think Rob himself would be so touched by this.

    He really does try with the fans. It’s just that he you can tell he feels he can never do enough to make everyone happy. And it never ends. Night after night after day after day of people constantly wanting things from him. Judging him. Screaming at him. Asking REALLY stupid questions. He just looks so weary. And it MUST affect him creatively. He has an artistic spirit and artists are conduits for emotional expression.

    Thank you for beautifully portraying this moment in time, as experienced by a man we love.

  23. What can I say? Just so beautiful and touching. Most of us just want Rob to be happy. I feel guilty when I think about how our collective admiration of him has made his life into something where he feels that he is “trying not to drown”. I hope he still enjoys his work and realizes there are a lot of non crazy fans out there. Thanks for putting this video together. It really is an awesome work of art in itself!

  24. Brilliant video, very well done. The images & video you picked really worked with the lyrics, and it was very touching to watch. It makes me sick, seeing how the pappz and some fans treat him, like it’s their right to be all over him and he’s just an object…

    Thanks for putting that together, he is only a man, and i wish everyone would realize it.

  25. Oh my God. That video is as of now on my favorites list. That was beautiful. And I’m getting a feeling that I will do a lot of cryin when I go to see Remember Me. Aww, sad Rob, not a sight I want to see too much of. 😦

  26. Wow, at 0:30 he looks like Jude Law! This just keeps getting better..

  27. Wow…talk about a perfect song to what Rob’s going thru!

    Brilliantly put together.

    OK I am going to Vancouver and of course I hope to “see” him at some point, I will NOT however stalk the poor guy, (there is so much more for me to do there lol) and I would CERTAINLY not jump on him. I’d admire from afar and if the occasion is right and proper I MAY say hi..who knows. But there will be no fangirl attack from me! You can quote me on that too :-D.

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    • Are you saying this vid isn’t sourced and/or laying claim to parts of it? What should the source be? Wait. Aren’t you the site that ganked my personally filmed Rob video from YouTube and reuploaded it to Daily Motion earlier this year that I had to file a copyright claim on? I think so! So let’s keep it friendly between the Rob sites. Do unto others and all that jazz.

  30. WOW,,,this is beautiful video with a poignant message. The song cuts straight to the truth of what he’s experiencing right now. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  31. I live in Connecticut and my daughter and I actually thought about going to NYC to see if we could get a glimpse of him. I wasn’t working at the time so it wouldn’t have been a problem. Then all this craziness started. I do not want to be a part of this madness that surrounds him and makes him so uncomfortable and invades his personal space. I decided we could just as easily keep up with what was going on via the internet.

    I truly hope he at least gets a short break before he heads to Vancouver.

  32. That made me cry. To think he might actually feel that way breaks my heart. I LOVE HIM. And want him to be happy. He is just a man like any other (well kinda) and should recieve the same respect you show others. i almost went to Vancouver in MAY. I wanted to be at The Global for his Birthday.But while I was making plans I started thinking…if I do this i’m no better than the stalkers that hound his every step. And I decided not to go. I have to admit that I want nothing more in this world than to see him and maybe get a smile from him. But I will NEVER hunt him down like he’s wild game. I hope this video makes people think. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. PLEASE PEOPLE GIVE ROB THE RESPECT HE DESERVES…..His analogy is so sad .

  33. If he can’t handle the pressure or the fans then he’s in the wrong business. Sotty Rob fans, but that’s just how it is, and just letting you know, all of you crazy Rob fans probably FREAK HIM OUT!! and that’s why he is like he is…

  34. i meant “sorry” btw, not “sotty”

    • Darling one – first of all, please don’t stereotype Rob’s fans. A very sizeable portion of us admire him from afar and wouldn’t do any of shit that the crazy stalker people do.

      Secondly – he is affected by the attention. He likes acting, but is shy. We have the right to feel for him.

      Don’t like it…………….don’t watch………….

  35. Absolutely beautiful!!!! *wipes tears* You’re kinda wonderful FP =) I ❀ you!!!

  36. That was a great video. It brought tears to my eyes. It makes just wanna hug him and buy the poor guy a ticket back home.

  37. Ahh.. another addition to your AMAZING video collection! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! The pictures you chose go together with the lyrics of the song perfectly! Like I always say, You are AWESOME! πŸ˜‰

  38. Thanks for all the great comments guys.

  39. Great video!!! Almost makes a tear come to my eye…


  40. love the vid p.

  41. You make the most beautiful videos. I only hope every crazy fangirl watches your videos and thinks twice before attacking him. He truly seems to be a beautiful soul who just to work and live his life, and I hope the crazy folks don’t chase him away and make him a recluse. That we be all of our loss.
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  42. *Standing ovation* You deserve each and every one of them…and more! Congrats, hon!

  43. Okay tears streaming down my face good. sniff sniff.
    Thanks for reminding us of what he goes thru on a daily basis.
    Respect is the least we can give him. he gives us a piece of himself in the movies and apperances he makes.

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  45. Wow guys I really don’t know what to say. I’m almost crying right now. Thank you! I’m glad that so many people are watching the video maybe it will get the message across to some people. It’s a message that needs to be heard… I didn’t think it was going to get so many views and so many honours in such a short amount of time.

    I just don’t know what to say…

    • Hon, you deserve every bit of praise and more! WE should be thanking you for putting these vids out, and letting Rob know there ARE fans who truly care about how he feels.

    • I agree with what Christy said hun, your videos are amazing and you always have a great message behind them. Love your videos and this one is the best I have seen so far. I know I say that about all your videos, but it is so true! Love ya P.

  46. perfect song for the perfect man.

  47. That was beautiful. You did an amazing job. Thanx

  48. I just have to say in just watching you and listening to you on twitter in the last couple of weeks. You have a good heart, mind, and soul. Thank you for all you show us and send to us. As I said on Twitter you ROCK!

  49. simply perfect.

  50. thank you so much!!!! this is awsome.i finally watched without crying this time.I WONDER WHAT ROB WOULD THINK OF THIS???

  51. Gorgeous, gorgeous video. Thank you for making it and sharing it

  52. wow, thank you justfp! you’re getting to be very, very good a this video thing. :)) great video, great selection of shots and clips, good syncing, beautiful song – all together, awesome!! the part where you had pics of London had me all misty eyed. wonder if he misses it, looks like people aren’t as crazy there as they are here. the darn stalkerazzo that waited for him in front of a restaurant in ny – yeah, he should get a new vocation and be banned from stalking celebrities. makes you wish Rob’s bodyguards were armed with cattle prods or something like that.
    anyway, i’ll go get a glass of wine and watch the video again and again… there are bazillion fan-made videos out there (at least according to the latest count), and none have touched me like this one. I think it shows that it was really made from the heart…
    and all the haters should just go and hate somewhere else. preferably in front of a mirror.
    thanks for all you do, really. I keep saying that, I know, and I really mean it.

  53. I don’t know what I can say. The video is so touching. My heart goes out to him and what he’s going through. I hope things can settle down and these crazy fans will lay off him. If ppl that do this to him are his fans they would do what he wants and thats just to make movies and be left alone. How hard of a concept would that be for a person claiming to be his fan. I hope he finds peace and joy someday. Thanx for doing the video.

  54. wonderful, wonderful video matched up so perfectly with the song – I love that song!! – good job justfp for the video and MsJBell for suggesting the song!!

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  56. That was so sad and brilliant at the same time . very good

  57. All most brought tears to my eyes. Great video FP. But doesnt it seem RP just doesnt smile like he used to……..I sure do miss that smile!!

  58. oh..,my .. god! that was so good, and so sad. poor Rob is so amazing and beautiful that poeple just flock to him. he deserves to be happy and have his privacy just as must as anyone else, maybe more. just because he’s a actor DOES NOT mean that he need sto be followed around all the time. seriously give the man some room to breath. This was a very good video it mad me think and also made me very sad for him, i hope he finds what makes him happy, even if it is that whore Kristen

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  60. I am speechless… In just over 24 hours…

    33 honors for the vid
    99 five star ratings
    212 favorites

    Honors for this video (33)
    #38 – Most Discussed (Today) – Canada
    #4 – Most Discussed (Today) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #86 – Most Discussed (Today) – People & Blogs
    #40 – Most Discussed (This Week) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #97 – Most Viewed (Today) – Australia
    #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Germany
    #7 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Australia
    #21 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #79 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – United Kingdom
    #39 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Ireland
    #33 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – New Zealand
    #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs
    #53 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Spain
    #90 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Mexico
    #20 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – France
    #41 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Italy
    #64 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Poland
    #83 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Brazil
    #33 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Russia
    #82 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Czech Republic
    #75 – Most Viewed (Today) – People & Blogs – Sweden
    #93 – Most Viewed (This Week) – People & Blogs – Australia
    #71 – Most Viewed (This Month) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #9 – Top Favorited (Today) – Canada
    #1 – Top Favorited (Today) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #7 – Top Favorited (Today) – People & Blogs
    #40 – Top Favorited (This Week) – Canada
    #1 – Top Favorited (This Week) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #53 – Top Favorited (This Week) – People & Blogs
    #21 – Top Favorited (This Month) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #41 – Top Rated (Today) – Canada
    #5 – Top Rated (Today) – People & Blogs – Canada
    #29 – Top Rated (This Week) – People & Blogs – Canada

  61. Agree JC absolutely awesome and so deserved. You have to listen to the people!

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