Best pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remember Me – Part 6   13 comments




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13 responses to “Best pics of Robert Pattinson on the set of Remember Me – Part 6

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  1. Gah! I love all of these photos! Will miss the daily’s we were getting from Remember Me.

  2. OH MY GOD!!!! I love pix with his belly hair showing. I LOVE HIS BELLY HAIR.IT MAKES ME FEEL ALL WARM AND FUZZY.

  3. he wears the same clothes in the movie too! Love it 🙂
    isn’t that plaid shirt the one from the infamous June 15th photos?

  4. Ah FP – I don’t think these photos are from the Remember Me set – hahahahaha. Love them – impossible to narrow down favourites – maybe we should set up a separate site just for the pics – LOL!!!!!

  5. Lol – isn’t it Klutz?

  6. I really need to stop looking at these photos when I’m at work – no longer able to focus.

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