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I made this last night. Yes it’s an angry/sad video and I made it quickly because I was pissed off. Don’t take all the lyrics literally. Youtube copyrighted the song as they often do, so I uploaded it to Daily Motion. 

The song is an angry one. If you get offended easily by swear words then I suggest you don’t watch. It’s Papa Roach – Last Resort.

Anyways here it is:


Posted August 9, 2009 by justfp in My videos, Robert Pattinson

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14 responses to “My new video

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  1. lyrics are right “nothing is right, nothing is fine !” about these pics.
    “suffocation, no breathing”…. poor guy. ; ((

    • They are on that. I meant about the suicide part. Because some people can and will take it literally. The song was the one I started it off with and I thought it suited really well except for that part. I decided to go with it anyways.

  2. loves it! i totally get the getting out the frustrations…vid making can be thereaputic! woot just seen ur site is #3 top celebs site!!!!

  3. As always you nailed it.. love it

  4. Rockin’ this Vid Missy :D~gets your feelings across nicely.


  5. spot on and i think anyone who is sane will agree that the song suits the pics you chose

  6. Once again FP you nailed in right on the head!!! The song is so appropriate! As much as love seeing pics of Rob, I wish they would give him a break. I love seeing happy, smiling relaxed Rob, not the Rob that feels he can’t even walk outside for fear of being followed and papped. I am really afraid he is just going to walk away from the business, and them we will have no Rob, and with his talent, that would be everyone’s loss.


  7. Love the video FP, it’s my therapy, as I’m sure it is yours….helps to vent, get all the feelings out..perfect song choice. Thanks!

  8. This so perfectly expresses the anger and frustration we so plainly see on Rob’s face. The pics that chill me the most are the ones where his face just looks dead. Rob is such an animated guy and when all emotion leaves his face, I get really worried for him. I’m also afraid he’ll never be able to truly stand upright again – he’s so used to crouching to hide his face – I want him to stand tall and proud and look people in the eye again. It’s sad.

    Great one, FP.

  9. Perfect as always… there’s no words i can say to describe how horrible i feel the last couple of days. I also scare to check my twitter. There’s no respect any more? Jezz, all those craziness make me remember what happen to Lady Diana, that’s what they want? They’re going to stop when something bad happen?

  10. Again, FP is COOL

  11. LOVE the video, totally understand y u did it, especially with that song, im for one fckn fed up with all these bullshit paps.

    Thanks for a great vid! =)

  12. It breaks my heart that he cannot live a somewhat normal life. Trying not to cry. I think the song was appropriate and really fit the pics. Another wonderful video, FP.

    • i am trying not to cry but it is not easy. these photos make me fed up with all of them. f the paps. the song is perfect for it. i really hope nothing bad will happen to him. i hope that when he is done with the saga he can do more projects. stalkerizzis deserve to be run over with a car and assaulted i don’t care anymore. they need to do something about the paps. they will do anything for a pic of him on his own time.

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