My new video – Robert Pattinson – In any other world   41 comments

Here’s my new vid.  Thanks Christy for suggesting the song and Jess for telling me where to find the quote I’d been searching for since yesterday.

Song: Mika – Any other world


Posted August 11, 2009 by justfp in My videos, Robert Pattinson

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41 responses to “My new video – Robert Pattinson – In any other world

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  1. sooooo beautiful =) great work =)

  2. A haunting video..and a perfect response to the insanity that’s been going on for a while now..and increasing to new peaks lately. I wonder how long this insanity will last for Rob until this insane attentions shifts to some other poor unsuspecting soul out there…

    I just hope he can stick it out and land on his feet with his sanity and integrity intact. I have faith he will cos he does have friends who seems to support him and his castmates too, and with that I mean ALL of them, not just one :p lol and he has Hugh!! :-D. Robugh FTW!

  3. AWWW yet another masterpiece. There’s just nothing else to say.

  4. whats the song of it?

  5. Tears! Literal Tears!

  6. You are cool!

  7. love it. so crying right know.

  8. Another brilliant video.. Love it and you really captured the insanity that surrounds poor Rob. I cringed watching Rob driving the porshe with the paps surrounding him.. so glad he hopefully will not be driving in Vancouver.
    I hope he gets some peace and stays safe.

    • Exactly what I was thinking as I was watching it. I hadn’t seen video of the paps chasing him before as he was driving the Porsche. Very, very scary and disturbing. I hope they clamp down on the paps in Vancouver. So far it doesn’t look like it.

      And every time I see pictures of him at an airport as he’s taking his shoes, jacket & hat off, I can’t help but think why can’t they at least leave him alone there? If I was his mother (and I’m old enough) I would want to just hug him and tell him to come back home.

  9. Awesome video, FP. Love it. Captures the lonliness within the craziness perfectly.
    (jlpsu on twitter)

  10. Amazing. I, too hope Rob can come through the craziness that surrounds him. I would hate to see such an amazing actor quit too soon because of the complete insanity he has to face every day.

  11. BEAUTIFUL!!! That is all I can say. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  12. I must be hormonal because I just sat here and cried my eyes out watching that. You perfectly captured how he has to go through the motions every day to help satisfy the image and expectations people have of him – while being so uncomfortable with the whole thing. He’s sweet and beautiful, but he’s looking tired and too thin. I can’t wait until he can escape from Edward Cullen for good, get a tan, eat a truckload of cheesebugahs, sing in a dingy, smokey bar, and just be who he wants to be.

    • I completely agree with you. This song makes me cry like a baby, anyway, but in this context, it totally kills me.
      I really hope he can get back to a normal life, and SOON. He looks way too tired and worn down for someone so young.

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  14. Amazing as always FP!! GOOD JOB!!

  15. loved the video! its a beautiful piece that perfectly portrays his life right now! hope he can hang on just a little longer!

  16. Wow that honestly AMAZING!
    The song, pics everything was awesome… i cried my eyes out the entire time! *tries to fix crazyass mascara* lol You just kind of captured everything perfect, that song KILLED me tho! lol
    ….Perfection! =)

    p.s. definitely worth waiting all day 😉

  17. Agrrr… it’s not fair, i’m crying right now. It’s just another beautiful work of art with a perfect choice of music. You did it again. Love it!

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  20. Wow, that made me cry….you really captured what I believe he is feeling….good job, as always.

  21. Thanks for all the great comments guys. I almost cried making this video and it’s never happened to me before when I’ve made vids.

  22. Beautiful FP =*) That song def works better then the one I suggested lol. Awesome as always girl ❤

  23. ok seriously *CHILLS THE WHOLE TIME*

    the end

  24. What makes his life difficult is that Rob can’t escape Edward, but Edward made Rob what he is. I think as long as Rob trudges on in his world, he will come out an even better person than I already believe him to be. Old cliche here , what does not kill me, makes me stronger…and if that is the case, Rob will soon be unstoppable.

  25. Just beautiful hun, made me tear up.

  26. That was really awesome. Very touching. The constant media attention on Rob(and the rest of the cast) is insane.
    I remember in the early stages of Twilight how open and fun Rob used to be;it’s part of the reason I noticed him; I honestly didn’t find him extremely attractive- at first. Then I started to watch his interviews. I couldn’t believe how “real” he was. No pretense or fake responses. He ALWAYS made me laugh with his answers . And I could see how he was more than a pretty face-way more. Now he barely speaks to anyone. He can’t even really do interviews because of the craziness.
    I know we all love him and we all know how gorgeous he is, but ladies….we must let him live. He is a person-not a character from a book.
    I love Twilight. LOVE. IT. But Robert Pattinson does not equal Edward Cullen.

  27. you did a great job!!

  28. That was the perfect portrayal of what we are all suffering through with Rob. I had to put the headset on for an immediate replay, FP, you did such a heartfelt job on this vid. It’s funny how we all instinctively want to protect him, but all we can do is watch from a respectful distance. Love and respect the Pattinson.

  29. Wow! Such a beautiful and moving video. You’ve captured the sadness and the loneliness in Rob’s life and yet you’ve also captured his sweetness and gentleness. You have such a gift. It makes me want to shield and protect him and give him his life back. Please keep making these amazing videos.

  30. That is really moving. So Good.

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