Black & white pics of Robert Pattinson in Cannes   43 comments

While I was searching for a Cannes pic for Annamolly this morning I remembered that Corrina sent me a batch of black & white pics of Rob in Cannes not too long ago. I always love receiving a DM from Corrina saying “Check your e-mail” 😉 .Since I know you guys love the black & white pics just as much as I do here they are. Enjoy!


50 black & white pics after the jump! (Okay I’m lying there are 48)

Source: Corrina

Posted August 15, 2009 by justfp in B&W pics, Robert Pattinson

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43 responses to “Black & white pics of Robert Pattinson in Cannes

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  1. WOW! *drooling*
    Thanks for posting great (sexyasdamnhell) pics 😉

  2. aahhh yes, Cannes was a good day 😀
    Cheers for post

    • Cheers to you babe for making these 😉 And you know when I’m getting flooded with 300 new pics at the same time (ex: TCA) and you say: “e-mail” and I say: “Gah!!! Now?” you know I don’t really mean it, right? 😉 Love ya hon. *mwah*

  3. GAHHHH!!!!!

    I have gone into complete meltdown mode!!!!!

    B&W Cannes Rob!!!! Squeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the B&W’s!!!! Thanks JP & Corrina!!!!

    *wipes computer screen clean again*

  4. I have died and gone to black and white Rob in Cannes heaven.

  5. OK who is good at photoshop? I need a black & white cannes Rob wallpaper stat and I am terribly at that stuff!! And someone convert this one to B&W and add it to the list!

  6. Thanks Leisha!! Saving now… 🙂

  7. holy hell i love FrenchRob…he was on fiiiie-yaaah in Cannes!!!

  8. FP you have stolen my heart

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  10. Oh dear, I think my computer just melted from all that Rob hotness. Have to remember, breathe in, breathe out.

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  12. How Can People Say He Is Ugly !!!!

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