Some of the best pics of Rob in Cannes – Part 4   4 comments

Since it’s a quiet night and Christy has been asking me to do a part 4 of the best pics of Rob in Cannes (no, 3 parts were not enough for her it seems) 😉 and some of you have been requesting the pic we’re all looking for in HQ, I decided to look around some more. I didn’t find that pic by the way, even when I followed the link at the bottom of the pic. Although when I did follow the link I found pics I had never seen…

I thought I had seen them all.


But then I saw this and I understood why it’s impossible for me to have seen them all…


50 pics after the jump! (I also included a black & white pic Corrina sent me earlier)


Posted August 18, 2009 by justfp in Robert Pattinson

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4 responses to “Some of the best pics of Rob in Cannes – Part 4

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  1. MUAH! I love these!

  2. Okay, so there are rumors going around that Rob is dead. And yes, I do know better than to actually believe these rumours, but my heart is still racing like crazy in my chest. Can someone please verify that these rumours are false? If you know PLEASE answer 🙂

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