Our daily dose of black & white pics   10 comments

Corrina just e-mailed me these black & whites she did of the pics I posted today, from Tess of the D’Ubervilles to Rob attending Premiers. So, this post is a black & white recap of pics from today. Gotta love Corrina *grin*


More black & whites after the jump!

Source: Corrina Spencer

10 responses to “Our daily dose of black & white pics

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  1. Gosh !! How I adore this beautiful, beautiful man !! And FP for bringing it to me and Corrina for the hard work !!

    I just love him in B & W

    And FP..my new Beautiful Bastard of the office


    Made me a believer
    • Love the black & whites too. I have never read The Office. I haven’t read any FF at all actually 😉

      • FP…..I read Bella and Edward FF , though I must say Edward bears a striking resemblance to Rob shockingly *wink* and Bella may or may not resemble Kristen !!

        If you ever read one FF please read this..


        by TBY789 (Her name is Christina)

        This is her blog http://www.tby789.blogspot.com

        This is her twitter

        yes, I don’t twitter, but I read her tweets looking for updates and her blog !!

        I have paid money to buy books to read and I have not read anything so good in many of them. I read a lot of romances and while I like sex I also like strong characters both men and women..

        The Beautiful Bastard of the Office is legendary ! I am shocked that people on Twitter like JAG and the other ladies did not make you addicted to FF..

        *sigh* FP there was a time when I packed actual books to read on vacation. Now I printed out a bunch of FF with me and took it !!

        Please read the Office…The character of the Beautiful bastard is strong, arrogant, in your face and cold and ruthless.

        Then she peels him layer by layer…and reveals him…!!

        Bella is strong too..not a wimp or a doormat !

        And oh yeah, he speaks French !! He has a tattoo called Je ne regrette rien which I am sure a French Canadian like you knows what it means !!

        Hope I’ve done my PR and sales pitch for the Office…!! And hope you go for it !! If you must lose your FF v-card, I highly recommend the office.. I adore this FF…I would love to see it on screen with Rob as the BB of course !!

        Made me a believer
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