Why not some pics of Rob in the Haunted Airman while we’re at it?   23 comments

Screencaps of Rob in The Haunted Airman. I can never bring myself to post the pic where he has the spider on his face…


More pics after the jump!


The Haunted Airman can be ordered on Amazon.co.uk here or can be pre-ordered in the US here.

Source: Pattinson Online

23 responses to “Why not some pics of Rob in the Haunted Airman while we’re at it?

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  1. Fab Haunted Airman caps, watched it again just the other day. Think Rob is yummy, even if it is a bit weird……

  2. Can’t wait to be able to see it on my TV! October 13th can’t come fast enough.

  3. *cough* *cough*

    My new avi FP !!

    And YEAH !! I am glad papps have not had a single picture though I am sure they have descended like a pack of wolves

    Made me a believer
    • I love your new avi… It’s a great pic!

      I’m sure the paps have descended. I think he’s staying pretty much holed up in his hotel room all the time.

      • And that’s why I have decided to let you chose my avi here on forward…You have a great eye !!

        And *sigh* about the papps…

        Well, I think Rob will be ….whether hanging out with the Twi cast anyway…I’ve always heard stories of Jam sessions…or if he is hanging out with a special someone

        And if Rob has a lot of time on his hands he can always compose for the album he will HAVE TO someday come out with *crosses fingers*

        I can always hope for an album right ?

        Made me a believer
        • So does that mean you won’t be changing every 2 days? LOL!

          I’m really hoping for an album but I think that Rob believes (and I may be wrong here, I hope I am) that if he come out with an album now people will only buy it because he’s famous and not because they really like his music.

          If you’re an artist you want to be recognized for what you do and not because of who you are. So I can understand if he has no intention of recording an album right now.

          • FP….I would miss Rob tremendously if he decides to quit Hollywood…but whether he does or not, I hope he records..It would make me so sad if he quit music..

            I adore his music…When I first heard Let me Sign when I saw Twilight I cried…It was so angsty, raw and powerful and emotional….

            I came home and googled to see who sang it and when I found it was Rob I respected him even more…

            If I ever see Rob even for 10 seconds I would talk to him for an album. I would tell him how people respect him for not wanting to use his acting for music, but also that people are mature enough to know the difference between a person exploiting and one who truly has talent…

            I love Rob the actor after Little Ashes but if he ever stops writing or singing I would hate it..

            I would be a Rob fan even if he was just an ugly guy who played music, just for his music…and I mean that sincerely. I just adore his voice and music….!!!

            He travels with his guitar..Someday FP when all this is over he will record an album. Of that I am sure…Until then I was hoping for a song for NM but now nothing..

            I am so hoping for a song in RM…If you read the script, I think you will agree with me that the ending would be so appropriate if Rob sang….!! Yeah, I know cliched…but oh how I wish he would sing a song in RM….

            P.S. If you haven’t already read the script for RM I have it, I could email it to you..!!

            Made me a believer
            • I hear you on everything you say. However even if people tell him that, he still knows that alot of ppl would buy it only because he’s famous. I think he doesn’t want to use his “stardom” to promote an album as would be the case if he released one now.

              I love his music as well. All of the songs I’ve heard him sing are awesome. He puts so much power and emotion into his voice. My favorite song is I was broken. I can listen to that song over and over again. Love the lyrics as well. Marcus did a great job writing that song.

              I’ve read the script and agree that it would be great to have him singing at the end. I loved the RM script. I’ve made a video of it which I don’t post and keep locked and protected on my DM account because it has all the spoilers in it. I’ll e-mail it to you if you want.

              I can’t wait to see Remember Me. I’m more anxious for Remember Me than New Moon. *ducks the pitchforks*

              • Me too..I am more anxious for RM and mostly for Bel Ami !!!

                Made me a believer
                • LOL I know why you’re anxious for Bel Ami. 😉

                  • * Whistling innocently*

                    Why ?? It’s only one of my favorite books..Ok, I read that script too..I have a friend who is a great script collector so I am lucky !!

                    And btw, *hand on heart * that video you sent me !! Stii collecting myself….

                    Made me a believer
                • I just read the one article on Bel Ami on this blog and I see that now I have to find that also so I can read it, lol. All I can say is the possibility of Rob, Colin Firth, and Orlando Bloom in the same movie – – – a heart attack in the making!

                • I am looking forward to anything Rob works on because all I’ve seen him in so far is “Twilight” & “HP:Goblet of Fire”. Actually I’ve seen “Bad Mother’s Handbook” & “Haunted Airman” on youtube and snippets of “How to Be” on youtube. To finally see Rob in a theatre would be mindblowing to me as I never saw “Twilight” in the theatre. And because I feel like we lived “Remember Me” by seeing pictures of it every day here, I can’t wait to see how that turned out. I guess I will be busy reading that script today. 🙂

              • You know we’re all going to want to see that video now, right? 🙂

          • On the avi..well, if you keep putting pretty Rob pictures everyday, what’s a girl to do ?? LOL

            Made me a believer
  4. I meant to say I think Rob will be happy….

    Made me a believer

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