Another Robert Pattinson Us Weekly outtake   6 comments


Source: RP Life

6 responses to “Another Robert Pattinson Us Weekly outtake

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  1. ugh! i love outtakes…im so jealous of the photogs that shoot him…i knew i shoulda gone into photography professionally…DAMMIT!!! 🙂

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  3. Definitely the best one of the WetRob series – where was this one hiding???? Look at his mischievous expression………..

    • WetRob series??? Love it! I feel like I’ve missed something. You mean there’s more than what was in the US issue? Back peddling here to see what I missed while I was at work today… I love outtakes! 🙂

  4. translation
    left: “so cool looks love (or so cool does love look?). how his luck with twilight-colleague kristen changed the super vampire”
    right: “so happy …”
    cutline: Rob wet all over wearing a shirt of US cult band Ramones

    tell me if you like to read the rest in english. it’s really cheesy though 😉

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