What’s your favorite character Rob has played   29 comments

What’s your favorite character Rob has played? After  reading the script and seeing all the pics, I’m thinking there is a good chance my favorite character played by Rob will be Tyler Roth.  

Pics after the jump!


Cedric DiggoryHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Toby Jugg – The Haunted Airman


Daniel Gale – The Bad Mother’s Handbook


Art – How to Be


Salvador Dali – Little Ashes


Edward Cullen – Twilight Saga


Tyler Roth – Remember Me


29 responses to “What’s your favorite character Rob has played

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  1. So far, my Fave is ART …I need to see Tyler. Thanks for all you do LU

  2. ah come one…Tyler is gonna count? Why not the Bel Ami character…I have a feeling I might luuuuuuv that character 😉 jk…not really…but i’ll stick to your characters on the poll 🙂 FUN!!!

    • LMFAO!!! I read the script and loved it. I think Rob is going to do a great job as Tyler.

      • *whispering* i did too…im beyond excited and glad i read it so im prepared. i think he’s gonna slay us with his performance.

        • I do too. I’m looking forward to this movie more than New Moon.

          • thats a toughy…i’m so conflicted with your statement. see, edward/twilight introduced me to Rob. Then Rob became is own entity in my mind. Yet I still adore him as Edward. HOWEVER, New Moon was not my favorite book and JACOB (said with venom) is not someone I enjoy. So New Moon is gonna be a rough one to watch since it’s so Rob-lite…New Moon = Diet Rob. BUT I’m just too excited to see the difference btw Weitz’s interpretation and Hardwicke’s mutilation. Then there’s RM. A movie i KNOW will wound my heart. Yet how can I deny the excitement of seeing our 1st full length American feature film STARRING Rob! So I think I’m 50/50…or just still very conflicted. Rob just needs to be the Truman Show or EdTV…his life on cable 24/7 LOL…no no…I know. That would be completely disrespectful and invasive…sigh. wishful thinking

  3. For me it’s gonna be Art or Edward. Dali is 3rd. Tyler might beat everyone when i get to see him.

    • For me it’s Daniel, Art and Edward. I haven’t seen Little Ashes yet so I can’t say. I also think he did an amazing job as Toby.

      • Toby totally rocked the house! That movie had me on pins and needles. Haunted Airman also contains my favorite SexyTimeRob scene. Its a little sick but damn his lips are sexy. Ummm…why haven’t u seen Little Ashes???

        • I haven’t had time to yet. Psst Tyler has 19 votes LOL!

          • 19 votes! I think the NY picture series is helping Tyler out. Rob sure did bring it…every.day. So haven’t had the time for Little Ashes…smh…geez FP…I think you must have time now…what is this…day 12 of the drought? Put up a “Gone Fishing” post for 2 hours…”Gone Robador Diving”…that performance knocked my socks off. I can’t take my eyes of Dali and Lorca. AND its heartbreaking! UGH! and sexy as hell! Ive talk b4 about how sad it is that GayRob and Rob killing people while kissing them is what turns me on…it’s only cuz Rob lacks adequate, adult, love scenes. I’m hoping RM changes all that.

  4. Can anyone send me the script for Remember Me? I’ve been so involved in fan fic that I’ve not run out of reading material until now. It would be perfect during this drought.


  5. I am anxious to see all of these movies. Cept of course I have seen him as Diggory and Edward. I can’t wait for Remeber Me it looks like he is going to do really great in this!

  6. Of course I like Edward but I voted for Dali. He did an AMAZING job, I was pleasantly surprised how good that movie is 🙂

  7. Right now it’s Salvador-but I have a feeling it will be Tyler. I loved the script and his character.

    Art & Daniel have special places in my heart.

  8. Too bad Remember Me is not out, it would have made a big difference in this poll.
    For me this are my pref., Toby, Dali, Art, EC and all thats left.

    Tyler is not on the list though, not just yet.

  9. At the moment it’s Salvador Dali, but I have a feeling Georges Duroy will overshadow.

  10. Well, I haven’t seen “How to Be” or “Little Ashes” yet. I’ve read the script for “Remember Me” and although I will have to prepare myself to see it (I’ve already told you how I felt after I read it) I believe that that will be my favorite, too. Ask me again after February 10th, lol. In the meantime, gotta decide which one to vote for from the ones I have seen…

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  16. Edward Cullen and Tyler Roth, beautiful ! I love ROB ♥

  17. I lovee Patissoooon ,it is more in any movie

    any character!
    I love most vampire!

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