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First of all I’d like to say a huge thank you to NicNax666. She originally used this song for one of her videos and kindly allowed me to use it. After listening to the song I just couldn’t get it out of my head and I knew I had to do a video with it. So here it is.

Music: Placebo – Running up that hill

You can watch NicNax’s video here:

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26 responses to “My new video – If I only could

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  1. Glad i got my tissues ready! LOVED it again 🙂
    1:06 KILLS me tho

  2. Loved it, great job as usual.

  3. Just want to hug him & find him a place he can hide. Or rather, a place he doesn’t have to hide.
    Beautiful, once again.

  4. Great job as always! How sad is it that he said he hasn’t found a place in the world yet that he can disappear…Wow that is daunting!

    I just don’t see an end in sight for this shit, I would hope it will die down…maybe someday, he is the kind of guy that would just walk away and not look back, he has said that before.

    Thanks again FP!

  5. Thanks guys.

  6. Aaah! Love it! Totally awesome!

  7. another great vid girl, love it! great job 🙂

  8. I love you Robert… this tears my heart apart. I want to be there for you. Please God if only I could make this man happy I would do anything for him. if someone is kind please pray for him. Bless you Robert

  9. thats so….sad. because its true. He needs a place to run away so badly. his soul was not meant for this sort of torutre. Poor Rob. Should have just stuck with small music gigs. at least then he was happy.

  10. very great job. it hurts me to see this horrible pics. the pic through the window of his hotelroom is so disgusting. how can people do that. is privacy.

  11. i really do feel sorry for him……..

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  14. I miss seeing pictures of Rob smiling and just being happy…

    I miss hearing him laugh and talk about silly things…

    I bet he misses his pre-Twilight life too… I just hope he still finds happiness in his present situation. I always pray for him… Hope you all do too…

  15. I love your videos, but they always make me a little sad. You used one of my favorite Placebo songs. You did a Great Job. Love it.

  16. I…we…can only hope that Rob keeps a good head on his shoulders and doesn’t go the way of River Phoenix, Heath Ledger, and Brad Renfro. I think when he finally hits a wall he will just quit acting and join Sam, Bobby, and Marcus and continue his music career with them. Or become a juggler…I mean who doesn’t like to watch juggling?

  17. I really like that version of Running up the Hill..and It is sad to see him so bombarded. those pics of all the Paps around him are mind blowing. It really changes the whole vision. I’m so glad people are snapping those when they could be just trying to get as close as they can to Rob. Great Video!

  18. Nice video hmm the song is nice but I still like the original by Kate Bush.

  19. well……….firstly, Placebos version of that song…just DOES something to me then add the crowd scenes and I’m a sad bunny :(.

    weirdly, its the crowd scenes that do it-even without the object of their attention.

    Thanks for this FP, glad you used it!!!!

    oh and have I told you today how much I like ToB’s new look? NO? I’m shocked!!!

    xxxxx (dullard)

  20. Wow….good job on the video….I had a nice cry and feel incredibly more sorry for what the fans put him through. My heart breaks for him.

  21. As much as I like the video, we are part of the reason Rob feels the way he does. I know we are all interested in his life, but if we didn’t buy the magazines that pay for the pictures that the paps take, there wouldn’t be any paps to harrass him. Crazy fans yes, paps no. Come on guys, we can’t have it both ways, we can’t want him to be happy and then feel sad when we see the pictures where is so obviously unhappy. We are the reason he is being hounded.

    • I think it all depends though. Sometimes they push things way too far. Following him while he’s driving, taking rooftop pics. wtf, seriously. I refused to post those pics.

      • Most of the paps push things too far. There has got to be a better way. I understand he is famous, but he’s still a person. He would still like to go for a walk without cameras shoved in his face. Like to eat dinner without worrying if some pap is going to get a picture of him with food on his face. Go on a date with anyone, without them trying to dig up every thing about her.

        Don’t get me wrong, I am just as guilty of looking as the next person. There’s just got to be a better way.

  22. wow well this make me wish i could read his mind so i could help him…..that has just put me into a depressed state poor rob i feel for him so much,if that was me i would of cracked by now

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