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Video: E News talks about Robert Pattinson’s Vanity Fair photoshoot   3 comments


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Ask Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Chris Weitz a Question   8 comments


To some, and by some we mean cave dwellers, Robert Pattinson is merely a name. To most, however, he is all there is to care about in the world. OK, maybe not the only thing, but he’s up there. Since the quiet Brit was cast to play the lead vampire Edward Cullen in the teen bloodsucker flick ‘Twilight,’ the world can’t seem to get enough. And now, with only the second installment of the ‘Twilight’ franchise, ‘New Moon,’ set to hit theaters November 20, it’s hard to fathom what level of fandom Pattinson will reach in years to come.

Pattinson’s on-screen nemesis Taylor Lautner, aka werewolf Jacob Black, has a much, er, bigger role in the upcoming film. No, seriously, the guy gained almost 20 lbs of muscle after ‘Twilight,’ squashing doubt that he’d be replaced and securing his return. And as he’s set to challenge Edward’s love for Bella (Kristen Stewart) in ‘New Moon,’ we anticipate an epic battle of otherworldly, and uber-sexy, beings.

And who better to bring us this sensational bout than ‘Golden Compass’ director Chris Weitz? His fantastical influence is already evident in clips and trailers that have fans salivating at the mouth.

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HQ Exclusive Pics of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in Mexico   46 comments

While we don’t normally post things that aren’t Rob related there is this amazing person who follows our blog (and wishes to remain anonymous)  who’s related to a photographer in Mexico (The one who took these pics). You might remember she sent us the amazing pics of Rob in Mexico. Well I have more exclusive pics for you. This time they aren’t of Rob but of Kristen and Taylor in Mexico. These pics are great and I hope you enjoy them.


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Robert Pattinson Soundbite From Elle Magazine Interview   1 comment

Here is another soundbite of Rob from his Elle interview in Cannes. Rob talks about working with Kristen and looking at fansites. Enjoy!

Source: Elle

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HQ Pictures of Robert Pattinson In Vanity Fair: Cover and Piano Picture   4 comments



Source: Robert Pattinson Source

Video: Robert Pattinson lands in Japan   1 comment



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4 Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair Wallpaper   2 comments


2 of these  GORGEOUS wallpapers, were made by our very own Maria and the others were made by DreamySim1 and CSI_Kat



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Robert Pattinson in Time Out Magazine-London   1 comment


Via TeamEdwardPOV

In November 17 their Edition will be New Moon Special – With different Edward, Bella and Jacob covers!
All three come packaged in an exclusive set, available to order now.
Their Film Editor has secured an extensive interview with Robert and exclusive interviews with Kristen and Taylor.
Best of all, fans can pre-order a set – plus an exclusive poster

The magazine is available for order here


More info on the Tokyo fan event tomorrow   4 comments


An update on the Tokyo fan event that will be taking place tomorrow. The event will be taking place at 6:00PM tomorrow night Tokyo time, so that means 4:00AM for us on the East coast, 1:00AM on the West coast and 9:00AM in the UK. A huge thanks to Twilight_Nusa for this info.

Anyways sleep is overrated right? Falls asleep on keyboard

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New Robert Pattinson Wallpaper   2 comments


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