Reactions to New Moon press pre-screening   7 comments


Looks like we have a winner folks, here’s what press that saw New Moon at a pre-screening are saying on Twitter, and mind you they pretty much aren’t allowed to say much. Off the record, we are getting thumbs ups!


“I was very impressed not only by the visual effects and the movie, but by the acting itself. Chris Weitz is bad ass.”

“Just saw New Moon. Better than Twilight and crowd just applauded at end. Leaves on a soap opera sting….”

“I’m not allowed to say anything! But be sure to follow me tomorrow at @celebuzz – Big day for RPattz news!”

“I enjoyed it more than Twilight, lot of frenching! RT @mytwitherapy: @JasonKennedy1 so….how was the new moon press screening?!?!? :-)

“@shaunssanctuary just came frm seeing NM.I guess it’s every girl’s dream to have a vampire & werewolf fighting over her!”

“One word: amazing! I was very impressed all around – visuals were stunning. The underwater scene..le sigh. And Summit was fabulous!!”

“ @LarryCarroll: “New Moon” was genuinely awesome. A lot of people are about to be very happy.”


How exciting! I’m even MORE excited to see New Moon now!


7 responses to “Reactions to New Moon press pre-screening

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  4. Was the screening for film writers? gossip web bloggers?
    And Summit was fabulous!!”—wtf does this mean??

  5. haha. fp– Sure I do!

    I was just wondering who twittered it and why. Like maybe Summit held a screening and supplied the film writers with a champagne and lobster brunch.

    • You’re right that’s probably the only reason why someone would say Summit is awesome because besides that they don’t have much going for them. Just saying lol

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