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A huge thanks to Anke for translating this for us.

Translation by Anke

-concerning the plot: “Together (Tyler and Ally) they can get over their traumas and shake off the gosts of their past”

-concerning the movie itself: “deeply moving dramas that make this love story a very beautiful one”; “…but that´s not all of it: Remember me offers not just extraordinary dramas but also actors who are able to show this connection between tragedy and romance in a very convincing way”

-concerning Robert: “Robert convinces as a rebellious antihero”; “Not just the way he looks pushes him close to idols like James Dean. Even more it´s his courage to choose complex and authentic roles that catapult him into one line with the greatest stars of his generation”; “Robert rises the challenge to act next to highly skilled Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan and Lena Olin not just because he´s a hunk (rough translation);

-concerning the magazine´s final conclusion: Remember me is a romantic and emotional rollercoaster of great depth, including a tragic but also entertaining story written by Jenny Lumet (personal annotation: of course, saying “written by Jenny Lumet” is not completely correct as we all know, that Will Fetters wrote the original script)

Scan : Source Via RPLife

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