Early Estimates for 'Remember Me' are around 3.6M   4 comments

The first weekend box office estimates are trickling in, and it appears the Alice in Wonderland bonanza will continue.

Projections place last week’s champ atop the chart again with roughly $60 million in its second week of release, which would push it past the $200 million mark overall.

Remember Me is estimated to finish a close fourth behind fellow debuts Green Zone ($15 million) and She’s Out of My League ($10 million).

It will likely battle with the latter for third place until late Sunday.

Friday’s numbers:

$17.4 M – Alice

$5 M – Green Zone

$3.6 M – Remember Me

$3.3 M – She’s Out of My League

Again, these are VERY EARLY estimates. Gossip Cop will have more details and more accurate projections as the weekend continues.

Gossip Cop

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4 responses to “Early Estimates for 'Remember Me' are around 3.6M

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  2. Too bad that She’s Out of My League would beat a film like this. I REALLY hope Rob won’t be typecast forever.

    • I don’t understand it, I am almost crying over these numbers. WTF happened???? I am hoping when the final numbers come in that our Remember Me Saturday campaign will have made a big diffference, otherwise it looks like Rob was right when he said, “They love Edward not me.” This is why he needs to be doing more movies outside of the Twilight franchise, specifically to appeal to a wider and more mature audience. What actor can hang their career only on the whims of tweens. The way it looks right now, and I can only pray it will change, but it appears that Team Edward isn’t going too much for Team Tyler.

    • Yea, and he has to go back and do two more movies with Breaking Dawn, which pushes him right back into that Edward box he’s trying so hard to get out of. It must be really frustrating for him.

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