Box Office Updates for 'Remember Me'   2 comments

Remember Me’s box office receipts jumped 10.3% on Tuesday. Grossing $735,630, the jump was the largest daily % of the top films. The average change for the top 7 grossing films, day over day, was +1.5%. (Remember Me grossed #5).

Monday’s day over day sales was much the same. While the average of the top 7 grossing films dropped -65.9% vs Sunday sales on Monday, Remember Me dropped a smaller 59.7%. Remember Me grossed $664,516 on Monday.

Total Box Office to Date:
Domestic – $9,489,295
International – $1,770,000
Total – $11,259,295

Posted March 17, 2010 by natalienw in Remember Me

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2 responses to “Box Office Updates for 'Remember Me'

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  1. I figure as long as they make their 16 mil back they’re doing good and 11.2 is not that bad in less than a week considering how little theaters it’s playing in compared to the other movies. I mean I live in a small (Northwest US) town and my theater website says it’s coming soon but doesn’t say when ‘soon’ is so who knows if it will actually come here.

  2. I live in an island part of Indonesia and my the one and only theater even cant not give a sureness when Remember me will arrive in my city…:((

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