Remember Me not just an ordinary love story: Review by The Herald   2 comments

Forget what you may have heard about the film “Remember Me.”

Yes, the story does include Tyler Hawkins (Robert Pattinson’s character) meeting Ally Craig (played by Emilie de Ravin).

Ally is a quirky girl who prefers to eat dessert before the entrée in the small chance that an asteroid hits Earth (or some other disaster) and she misses out on the one part of the meal that she wanted.

Tyler is an introspective character who sees the world as right and wrong. He isn’t necessarily right in how he accomplishes things, but he seems to know that.

While the trailers for “Remember Me” make it out to be a stereotypical love story, it is much more than that.

The plot is a deep and twisted tunnel that ends in what many viewers consider a controversial slap to the face.

There are sappy moments between Ally and Tyler, but don’t be fooled-the backbone of the film is relationships in general.

There’s the relationship between Tyler and his father (Pierce Brosnan), Ally’s relationship with her father (Chris Cooper), and a personal favorite, Tyler and his sister, Caroline (Ruby Jerins).

The sibling bond between Caroline and Tyler is one of the driving forces of this movie.

Through their conversations, the viewer gets to know most of the other characters and what they’ve all been through together.

Jerins is a skilled actress for someone of her age, and it will be interesting to see what becomes of her through the years.

This is a fast-paced film with great character development and is visually appealing.

It was directed by Allen Coulter and shot in New York, and the urban grit of the city is a primary character in the story line.

Overall, this is a must-see movie.

It is an emotional roller coaster, and most definitely is not family friendly, but it was more than worth the ticket price.

There aren’t many films these days that are impactful, but this one is.

Many fans are comparing it to the “Twilight Saga” simply because of the Robert Pattinson connection.

Take it from a “Twilight” fan: this is NOT “Twilight.” At all.

Despite being a well-made and intriguing movie, sadly, Remember Me only made $8 million opening weekend, which in the box office world, isn’t very successful.


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2 responses to “Remember Me not just an ordinary love story: Review by The Herald

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  2. I kind of agree with the Herald that is movie is about relationships. I was mostly impressed by the relationship between Tyler and Caroline. It beat out the relationship between Tyler & Ally. I assumed that Tyler falls for Ally. I loved how Tyler protects and loves his sister Caroline. When Caroline’s peers attacked her, it was devastating to her, but Tyler was there to pick up the pieces. As Tyler is trying to put his family back together after losing his brother. The turn of events leads to another tragedy which Caroline must face again. This time Charles, Caroline’s father must pick up the pieces.

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