Robert Pattinson – three features that makes him unique!   12 comments

It would be funny if I start my article formally with an introduction of the hot superstar of today, Mr. Robert Pattinson. The 23 year old has himself let the world know about him so much that there remains no place and requirement for any further foreword.
But in spite of the superfast superstardom, RPattz prefers a humble and down to earth approach. He is ever so friendly with his fans and the reporters and hasn’t let showbiz glitters hypnotized him.
Now that is something unique for a star like him and that too with such a young age where people get easily carried away with popularity. But that is certainly not the thing we are referring to in our title.
Then is it RPattz’s passion for music that is highlighting him as unique? Well, we know Robert Pattinson is also quite into music. He plays guitar and piano and can sing as well. But that is not exactly we are looking for either!
We have categorised some unique qualities that have become the trademark of this hottie. These are something that reminds you of Rob as you read about it…
1. Smile – Robert Pattinson has a unique smirk that is both innocent as well as sexy at the same time. The heartwarming smile further enhances his killing looks adding the oomph factor to his personality.
2. Ruffled hairstyle – You like it, or you don’t…Rob is exclusive with his untidy and unkempt hairstyle that gives him the “just from bed” look. The messy hairstyle follows him everywhere he goes including events like red carpet etc. making him identifiable even from a distance!
3. Wit – Rob’s sense of humor is the third in our list that makes him distinctive. Though most of the times his witty one-liners are misunderstood and misinterpreted by the media, it surely sets Rob different from others.
Fans, especially girls, will come up with several other things to prove their favorite star as unique. And we are infact waiting for those comments…

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Posted March 26, 2010 by itsjustme1217 in Robert Pattinson

12 responses to “Robert Pattinson – three features that makes him unique!

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  1. Gah! this is soo true!!! ahaha I love him! 😀

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  3. It is very true. I absolutely ADORE his wit. People love taking things too literally and he just say things that are not literal. It’s amazing, though his smirk and his messy hair are a second. though, sometimes, i must admit, I want to pin him down and brush his hair.

    • I don’t so much want to brush it as wash some of the goo right out of it. 😉 I’m a hair dresser.. Robert.. I’ll sell you something that does not make you look like there is goo dripping out of your hair, yet stand straight on end if you wish. 😉 LOL

      And yes Jules.. I so agree, why is it “everything” any celeb says is literal.. good grief.. Robert is crack me up funny.. I loved the whole vagina comment in the Details article. I never laughed so hard and here are people freaking..their freaking still makes me laugh.

      • The funny thing is he said on the view he really was allergic. The view women laughed but I don’t think they got the sexual undertone to it. Of course, he’s allergic. Any straight or Bi man would be allergic! LMAO! I love rob. He’s just amazing, and he’s awkward, but he doesn’t change. He’s not smooth like a lot of other male celebs are. He’s just a dork with nervous ticks. It’s amazing, unique and I absolutely adore him for it.

  4. I love all three previously mentioned things…I also love his self-deprecating humor. He has NO idea why we love him! No idea what makes him so special. He is humble, down to earth and in an environment where he could be the BIGGEST jerk and get WHATEVER he wants…he doesn’t ask for much and he doesn’t demand anything.
    I LOVE that he has remained true to himself. How can you not absolutely adore this man? I love him to no end!

  5. yes, it’s true. I love him so much. I love his films amd music.
    Big ROB!

    I loved REMEMBER ME.

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  7. all of them ae true

  8. I agree with everyone too. I like that he’s shy and goofy and doesn’t get the hype and tries to stay as normal as possible given the circumstances. It’s good to see someone not let it go to their head and just do their own thing.

  9. Exactly~ I totally agree~ GO ROB!!!

  10. His additional unique features are his steamy seductive eyes and that incredible chiesled face – especially his jaw line. He is so very yummy!

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