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Interview mentioning Remember Me and Bel Ami

(Twilight star takes ove the world ‘Al that female attention scares me’)

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Robert Pattinson (23) is the new acting sensation from England. Hordes of teenage girls adore him, including their mothers, but also the intermediate category is sensitive to its charms. Mikro guide was with the press presentatiuon of Remember me (from Thursday, April 1st in our cinemas).

A handsome guy with a black baseball cap, a big beard, and a look which, although friendly, is also evasive. This is how we can best describe the appearance of Robert Pattinson. The beard appears to belong to his latest film Bel Ami, currently being filmed. And from this look speaks the unfamiliarity with the mega star status which the British actor owes to his leading role as vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight and the romantic comedy horror sequel New Moon.

The third part of the Twilight Saga – Eclipse – will be released later on, but in the meantime Pattinson fans can admire in his newest film Remember me. Though most will be surprised by it, says the actor. “Remember me is completely different from anything I’ve done. Instead of a strange dude or some other weird fantasy figure I finally play a normal guy. It seems nothing special, but film scripts often only include murderers, drug addicts, suicidal and other psychiatric patients. When you do find a part about a normal guy, he is immediately completely dull.”

Pattinsons movie-character Tyler is anything but dull. He is very rebellious, and constantly clashes with his highly formal father, played by Pierce Brosnan. “But with that rebellious attitude he also shuts out his own feelings,” the actor explains. “Remember me is actually about the breaking down of that armor.”

We are talking about a very personal film, Pattinson stresses. “Before we started filming, I had many months of close contact with the director and screenwriter. Originally, I really intended to act like myself completely. I didn’t do it eventually, even though there are still parts of me in Tyler. When I was younger, I found it intruiging to play with emotions. I pretended the whole time. Only the last two years I started to think: Hey, I’m really sad or really happy. So Tyler’s development I know from personal experience. Or, in other words: his armor was a bit like mine. ”

Although he may no longer play hide and seek with itself, there are still some doors that closed on Pattinson. “Fame is quite a burden. For one, the fact that I can hardly observe people peacefully anymore, while for a true actor this is incredibly important. Instead I get stared at himself. I’ve expereienced walking down the street, and suddenly I ended up walking into a kind of trap with forty photographers. It makes you pretty weary. Not that I want everything as it was before. Though sometimes I long for that. ”

And all this attention from women? “Ehmmm” Pattinson begins hesitantly, as he fiddles furiously with the cap of his Coke bottle. “To be honest: I think it’s very frightening. When people impose themselves, that’s even downright repulsive. It sounds ridiculous to complain now, but it bothers me. It is all so unrealistic. I never used to get much attention. I have to watch myself that I don’t get too suspicious. If anyone approaches me, I already have a tendency to say ‘what do you want from me? ” while that person may not want anything and just wants to be nice. ”

While he used to be a very good boy, now the actor has the urge to be rebellious. “In that respect I feel very similar to Tyler.” He chuckles. “I recently started trashing hotelrooms and stuff. Well, not really. But I do use my aggression in my parts. In Tyler of course, and now in Georges Duroy, my character in Bel Ami. That guy hates the world so much that he constantly bursts out into anger. I can really indulge myself now in that part, though I now know that anger is pretty tiring. After one days on the set I’m exhausted. ”

Acting is a fun outlet, Pattinson agrees, but above all it is a profession where he would like to grow. “That’s a big part of why I don’t want to be the romantic hero. The more variety in parts I play, the more I learn. Allthough I realize that I’m taking a big risk by doing that. The pressure is high anyway when you’re famous. Especially when you’ve become famous as easily as I have, because what did I do anyway to accomplish that? I’m convinced I’ll have to work hard for at least ten years to really earn the status I’ve seemed to have acquired so easily. ” In Remember Me, love is the big eye-opener. Pattinson rather won’t answer if he recognizes that. His life in hotels, which he’s been forced to live in the last three years, doesn’t seem very romantic anyway.

“Tremendously boring”, he sighs. “Late last year I almost bought a house in the United States because I no longer stand it, but luckily I discovered in time how crazy expensive it is. I don’t even know if I still have a job here in the coming years. So for now I get my comfort from playin my guitar, which always travels with me. I used to not need anything else. Untill I returned to London and discovered that your social life completely collapses if you don’t stay in contact with people for one year.” And now? “Skype is an ideal way of communication,” Pattinson says, his eyes wander again. He wants to communicate, but not too much.

Name: Robert Thomas-Pattinson
Born: May 13, 1986 in London
Family situation: Mother Claire worked at a modeling agency, father Richard imported cars from the United States. Robert has two older sisters, Lizzy and Vitoria
Education: Secondary School, plus years of guitar and piano lessons.
Career: Started a career in modelling when he was twelf, he quit four years later, because of lack of success (according to himself). At fifteen he started acting at an amateur company. In 2004 he made his debut in the British television film Ring of the Nibelungs. A year later he got the part of Cedric Diggory, seen in Harry Potter IV and V. Last year he broke through with Twilight. The soundtrack of this movie holds two of his own songs.Monique van de Sande (translation by DreamySim1)

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  1. Just read the article and apparently the writer of this article sucks at doing her research. It says in his tiny biography that he has a relationship with Kristen.. And that has never been confirmed. So yeah kinda stupid mistake. i.m.o if she did a little bit more research she would have seen that.

  2. I put the full translation up now 😉

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