Rob Speaking to Fans in Hungarian   13 comments

Rob thanks the fans for being quiet.

Source & Bel Ami Film

Posted March 29, 2010 by natalienw in Robert Pattinson

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13 responses to “Rob Speaking to Fans in Hungarian

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  1. Does anyone know what that means?
    I’d love to know.

    • I know you won’t get an email notification of a reply unless someone replies to your comment, so please go to the web site now as there are lots of follow up comments. 🙂

  2. Could we love him anymore???

  3. it means “thanks for being quiet”.he’s thanking us,because we were in silence during filming:D
    maaan,he’s struggling with that small sentence:Dcan’t really blame him,hungarian is damn was cute and we really appreciated the gesture!

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  5. GK… can you write down this Hungarian sentence for us? Please? Just curious!

  6. I speak Hungarian and he did a GREAT JOB! It actually means “thank you for staying quiet”. So cute. I am dying here. 🙂

  7. Yes, Hungarian is a very difficult language. My parents escaped Hungary during the 1956 Revolution and fled to Austria and then came to the US. I was born here, but my sister, parents & husband were born in Hungary. My father made sure we learned to speak, read, and write Hungarian and we were not allowed to speak English at home. Miss my father. He was a great man!

  8. I stand corrected. I just watched a much clearer version of it and the last word he said is different from what I heard and read elsewhere. He did say “thank for for being quiet”. I apologize.

  9. thank guys that are a very cool pictures i am so envy yuo are so close to him

  10. OMG!! so cute when he says that~ look at his smile~

  11. in hungarian: Köszönöm,hogy csendben voltatok (the letter “ö” is spoken as if you would say the vowel in “first”).of course he said it as “kosonom”,but still,great job:D
    and it was really cool from him to say that,because the girls who were on set were pretty disappointed:they couldn’t talk to him or get autographs (later a woman,I suppose a manager told them that his contract doesn’t allow him to interact with fans on location),but this was such a nice gesture from him.I’m so disappointed I couldn’t be there,but you know,I have stuff to do.and anyway,it’s getting a bit “cray” (not that much),but more and more girls start to go to sets,I even read that they’re gonna change days because too many people know about them already.and today I cought girls standing in front of his hotel…poor man:Danyway,when I was on set,on the very first day,it was only a couple of us, like 20-30 girls (and boys!:D),but the number is growing.
    I’m gonna be out of town for a couple of days,but when I get back,I’m gonna start to go out at night more,maybe I’ll be able to catch him in civil:D

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