From Harry Potter to Eclipse, Which is Your Favorite Role Rob Played?   60 comments

From Harry Potter to Eclipse which is your favorite Robert Pattinson role? I’m leaving out the smaller movies such as Rings of the Nibelungs and The Summer House as not many people have seen them. I’ll probably surprise no one by saying that my favorite Rob role is Tyler Hawkins. Let us know which role is your favorite in the comments.

Here’s a little refresher for you guys 😉

Cedric Diggory – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Toby Jugg – The Haunter Airman


Daniel Gale – The Bad Mother’s Handbook


Art Freeman – How to Be


Salvador Dali – Little Ashes


Edward Cullen – Twilight / New Moon / Eclipse


Tyler Hawkins – Remember Me


So who’s your favorite character and why?

60 responses to “From Harry Potter to Eclipse, Which is Your Favorite Role Rob Played?

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  1. Tyler Hawkins — Remember Me

  2. Well, I love Robert Pattinson. But I guess Tyler is my favorite because the role was really intense and Robert worked as he had never worked before. In ‘Remember Me’ he really showed the good actor he is.

  3. Ok, Edward would be too obvious. So I chose Tyler Hawkins — Remem­ber Me, because at least he could be real!

  4. Tyler or Daniel, I can’t decide which I love more. I like Daniel, because of how much a dork and a nerd he is. And I like Tyler, because he reminds me of my brother, the age gap between Tyler and Caroline is the same as me and my brother, and the scenes where Tyler would meet Caroline at her school especially reminded me of my brother, because he used to come to my school on his bike and walk me home too.

  5. TYLER HAWKINS is my favorite ROB character. ROB played him so brilliantly, he absolutely made me fall in love with TYLER. INSTANTLY. He brought him to life so completely, so beautifully. TYLER holds a place in my heart forever.

  6. I love him as Edward Cullen, but hands down I love him best as Tyler Hawkins. I knew when saw him in that, that he was going to be okay, career wise. He just oozes raw talent. And the fact that he picked that role and believed in it enough to get a producer credit just told me that he has good taste and isn’t afraid to take chances. Win win in my book.

  7. I dunno. maybe I am weird…. but little ashes was odd but soo hot! I just see so much passion there, its amazing

  8. I’m so happy that Tyler is leading 😀

  9. Oooo. I love this post! Tyler Hawkins is my favorite. Why? Alot of resons. Some..I think he is a wonderfully developed complex character that is beautifully portrayed by Rob in a myriad of ways.

  10. Tyler Keats Hawkins :)) !!! Without hesitation.

  11. Tyler Hawkins… I absolutely loved the story. I feel Rob completely embodied that character and made him come to life in a way where you actually believed there was a real Tyler Hawkins in the world!

  12. You can see in all Rob’s work that he always gives his all. He gets better and better with each picture he does. I am aware that Eclipse was his last film, but I have to say his work as Tyler Hawkins was academy worthy. I hope others see it too. Very few actors can lead me to tears, but I definitely cry every time I watch Remember Me.

  13. Tyler Hawkins!

  14. Tyler Hawkins without a doubt. A great role for Rob. I think he put a lot of himself in this character and he convinced me….. This is one of my favorite movies of all times. No other movie has touched me like this one. Love you Rob!

  15. It is difficult to choose. I love him as Salvador Dali, his Edward is good, Art too, but Tyler is my favourite, because I can see his growing up as an actor.

  16. TYLER

  17. I add my vote for Tyler but anticipate to love Jacob in WFE, too. He is so, so so much more without the pasty white makeup and I hope he continues to hang on to his real self and not let Hollywood take his soul.

  18. I absolutely ADORE Rob as Edward & cannot imagine anyone else in the role. Edward will always hold a special place in my heart (that was true even before the movie BTW). However, that said I have to admit that Tyler is my favorite. That role required more from Rob than Edward did. It was more “real” in my opinion. There was more meat *snicker* to the character. Edward is Second and a VERY close 3rd is Daniel Gale. I think he was adorkable in that role.

    • I think I have to agree 100% with everything you said. Edward is very easy to love but Rob got to show so much more range as Tyler and I would rank my faves in the same order but I would tie Art with Daniel since they’re both sooo adorable that I want to hug them both so I can’t choose lol. I have a feeling though as soon as WFE comes out my ranking order may change 😛 As for the others- his ability to play slightly unhinged people is great and he does it well.

  19. Tyler Hawkins.

  20. Tyler Hawkins-Remember Me

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  22. I have two: Tyler and Daniel. I loved Daniel first, though. How could you not love Daniel, with his sweet awkwardness and the fact he was loyal to a girl who was pregnant. *sighs*

    Of Tyler was the mysterious poet. Give me either one, and I will be a happy person.

  23. apart from the Twilight movies i absolutly love him in Remember Me ?
    I can’t really descide ….

  24. Tyler Hawkins is my fave !!

  25. Tyler !
    Because I love this movie so much, and i cried all the times !

  26. I loved looking at Rob in the Twilight movies, but personally I felt
    his acting dimished in the Twilight movies as compared to his other work outside the saga. In almost every role he has played starting with the deleted scene from Vanity Fair he has been very good. I have to concur with many of you Tyler Hawkins is one of his best roles to date. I anticipate that his role in WFE, no pun intended will “eclipse” his role as Tyler Hawkins. The buzz that I am reading and that I am hearing is that he is doing an outstanding job as Jacob in WFE. My vote for now is for Tyler.

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  28. Tyler Hawkins, of course.

  29. I think at the moment it is Tyler Hawkins, although when Water For Elephants comes out, that might change. I also loved him as Art, I just wanted to give him a big snuggle, he cracked me up in How to Be.

  30. Really hard to choose, but I would say Tyler, then Edward, then Toby Jugg, then Salvador Dali. I also think I might change it to Jacob once Water for Elephants comes out.

  31. I think I liked him really well as Toby, Salvador,and Tyler. He seem to take the emotional distraught characters to a place that is so deep, and borderline crazy with the ease of a craftsman. How he goes within himself and finds the essence of these characters is truely amazing to me. Salvador Dali had some real emotional problems, and Rob seemed to capture those so well. To go from the lovely, but emotionless Edward to these other men who had serious issues shows a depth of talent that we have only begun to see from this young man.

  32. TYLER HAWKINS is the best.. 🙂 He really did a great job on portraying that role..He’s such a great ACTOR as well.. 🙂

  33. I love him as the “other worldly beautiful Edward” – I can look at his face and listen to him speak and get totally hypnotized; however, it is Tyler Keats Hawkins that is the character that he portrayed to wonderfully that it stays with me always – I cannot help but cry just thinking out Tyler. The movie was so personal and real. I also liked Dali as there was a passion that made me want Dali & Lorca to succeed as artists and as partners. I even began my own research learning about Dali & Lorca to appreciate their extraordinary gifts. I have a feeling that Jacob in WFE is gonna be at the top with Tyler. Sooooo, bring on WFE! And, let’s not forget that Breaking Dawn has two opportunities to bring out the best in Edward Cullen.

  34. To this date it’s Tyler Hawkins, I really believed that role..

    BUT, that might change when Water for Elephants are out!! I loved that book, and I’m looking forward to seeing him act alongside Reese.

  35. I can’t believe you’re making me choose! Tyler, Edward, Daniel or Art. As far as performance goes – I take Art Freeman for the win. Art isn’t a believably realistic person like Tyler. He isn’t other-worldly beautiful and enchanting like Edward. And he isn’t aDORKable like Daniel, but Rob just totally embodies Art 100% in How to Be. I think Rob felt more comfortable playing him because he’s not supposed to look perfect but just bring out his own natural goofiness. I loved seeing that side of Rob.

  36. it has to be the twilight stuff, as he has now turned into a man, from a child……x

  37. Loved him in different roles for many different reasons. Loved his portrayal of Salvador Dali in Little Ashes…really incredible performance. Dali is one of my fave artists and he really did him justice. Tyler in RM really pulled at the heartstrings for me…and well, as Edward…yum. 🙂 Can’t wait to see him as Jacob in WFE.

  38. Salvador Dali – Little Ashes


  39. Absoululy Tyler!
    LOVE Remember Me!

  40. TYLER & DANIEL they re both so cute & sexy & sweet I can’t decide!!!!

  41. Tyler Hawkins .. his performance was stunning and so real!

  42. I have to say that I have two favorites, Salvador Dali in little Ashes because it was passionate and emotional and Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me because he was performance was so raw and real. I do love the Haunted Airman as well because it was an amazingly creepy performance and Edward of course was brought so to life in Twilight.

  43. My favorite role Rob played is Tyler Hawkings! <33
    But I love all of his other roles too! =)

  44. YAY! We’re proving Rob wrong 😉 He’s convinced everyone loves him only as Edward.

  45. Tyler! 🙂
    Although I actually do like him as Edward more than the other roles, Tyler is just .. a real character. And can’t wait for Water For Elephants, that’ll probably become one of my favorites. 🙂

  46. Good question… great pics btw*
    Let’s just say “I’m undecided..”

  47. Tyler Hawkins first and Toby Jugg second

  48. My first choice is Tyler Hawkins in Remember Me. Then Edward, of course, especially in Eclipse. But he was so good in Little Ashes, too. Ask again in a few years–he’s gonna have a lot more to choose from.

  49. salvador dali -amazing

  50. I love him as Tyler but also Edward Cullen

  51. salvador dali (and edward)

  52. Daniel Galeeee!!! ❤ !

  53. Tyler first, second Salvador. In this two characters Robert can give free rein to his huge talent as an actor and show his great sensitivity. Really touching

  54. 1. Art – he is as my son
    2. Edward – the eternity love about a woman dreaming
    3. Tyler – feelings, feelins
    4. Toby – tragedy
    5. Daniel – such a nice guy
    6. Dali – awkward
    7. Cedric – because there must be a last.

  55. TYLER!!!!!

  56. Daniel and Edward… and can I vote Jacob (W4E) in advance! 🙂

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