Happy Birthday ToR!!!   68 comments


Happy Birthday ToR!!!

ToR turns one today 🙂 Wow times really does fly by doesn’t it? One year and 10 Million page views later (including our WordPress.com blog). I still have no idea how it happened. When I started ToR a year ago on WordPress.com it was mostly to post the videos I was making and some pics. I would post updates on my own Twitter account not on the current ToR Twitter account. Somewhere along the way the site exploded.

I’d like to thank you all because you’re the reason it happened and the reason we do it day in and day out. To those of you who’ve followed us from the start, those of you who are new to the site, those of you who helped us make ToR what it is today. Those of you who sent @replies and e-mails when I came very close to closing the site in March and wanted to give up, you’re the reason I kept going. Because at the end of the day we do it for you guys. To the sites who’ve helped us, I have a lot of names in my head right now  I won’t start naming everyone.  You know who you are 😉 A huge THANK YOU!  I really want to thank Late2thePartee from Random Acts of Rob for helping me out from the very start and giving me pointers.

A huge thank to Schelmy also who’s been a huge help behind the scene.

I want to also thank the girls who do an awesome job working with me on the  site: DreamySim1 MyRobAddiction SparksTP Robmusement jackieLC17 _blackrose26_ Love_CullenBoys Gittsy halvir09

Thank you everyone!

Marie aka FP

Some of you have been sending us birthday fan art so I thought I’d add them to this post. Thank you so much!


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68 responses to “Happy Birthday ToR!!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ToR – Don’t know what I’d do without you and all your awesome Robness!

  2. Happy Birthday ToR!!! You’re always my first stop for Rob-news but more than that, you girls are just so damn lovely too! So on behalf of everyone, a huge THANKYOU to FP! You gave the other ladies a shout out but you work so hard too. Here’s to your second birthday! Lots of love from Scotland xxxxxxxxx

  3. Happy Birthday dolls. Thanks for creating an awesomesauce site for a cheeky wee perv like me. Thanks for all your hardwork, long may you post!!!


  4. Happy Birthday! So happy you kept going and stuck it out. Love this site and hope it’s around for a long time!!

  5. “Happy Birthday” Congratulations to all the staff of Tor for a year of life, thank you for the care and dedication. A big hug at all. Stay in the peace of the Lord

  6. XOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX Happy Birthday <3!

  7. Most awesome wifey,
    it was september we met, but it feels like I know you forever… It’s unbelievable how the site has grown this big and IMO it’s all your hard work, love and devotion. You’ve seen all sides of this bloggingworld: the good, the bad and the ugly and through it all you kept strong and true to yourself. This site reflects you: fast, whitty, open and sincere. You truly have my uttermost respect. I know how much time you spend on this, us, the fans. You truly deserve a medal and loads of love and money for it. So this is to you, babe: sipping wine from the minibar in Spain and I hope you have the most awesome vacation ever because you certainly deserve one.

    Love you ❤
    your wifey

  8. Je suis française, et je viens voir toutes les infos sur Rob ici, car ce site est plus que complet, il est génial ! Merci pour tout ! Happy Birthday !!! Bonne continuation !!

    I love your website!
    Good work ^^
    Kisses ❤

  10. Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to ToR! Happy birthday to you! Thank you for everything!
    DanielA. – Italy –

  11. Happy Birthday for you all who make this beautiful site in honor of Rob!!!
    Congratulations from Brazil!!!

  12. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your hard work on this site and for giving fans all the Robawesomeness we could possibly want!

  13. Happy birthday ToR! I’m not here from the very beginning and I wonder now how the hell I could live without you girls. Thank you for this site. I know sometimes it’s hard, I know it’s not always funny so THANK YOU. Let’s have a huge bday stroofwafel to celebrate 😛 LOL <3<3<3

  14. FP, I can’t believe it’s been a year! I was here almost from the beginning and I remember being so thrilled when I found your site! Finally a beautiful, informative, up-to-date site about that gorgeous, humble, witty, superbly talented young hunk of delicousness!!! 🙂

    I appreciate all the emails of mine that you have put up with in the past year. With all my questions! All your help! And your supreme patience when I kept harping about the email notification subscription (still miss that) – I know, shut up Maria, lol!

    I’ll never forget your anti-paparazzi campaign and all those great pics that we sent in, and being so grateful when you decided to keep the site going. I’m also thrilled you have a page on Facebook, because I’m addicted to FB. I still don’t “get” Twitter even though I did get an account just because of you so we could help you win a bet about how many followers you could get, lol. Loved that video of your friend’s husband’s “punishment”!

    This site remains my home page. Thank you so much for everything you do. I follow a few sites, and although we may not agree on everything, lol, I applaud you for sticking to your guns and not tolerating nonsense here and keeping things “Team Switzerland”.

    So Happy Birthday ToR!!! Thanks for everything you do! Love ya!

  15. Congrats on one year Marie!! ❤

    You do an awesome job and all the hardwork and long hours you put in over this year shows. Its a privilege to be a part of this site and to work with such a great group of people. X

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  17. Happy Birthday!!!!! I started to watch your videos and read your posts last september. It was sort of love at first sight…Nowadays I´m visiting ToR at least twice a day, fourteen times a week, sixty times a month….
    Thanks a thousand times for supplying us with news!!

    Congratulations from Germany!!

  18. Happy birthday ToR! I begin to follow this site with the anti-paparazzi campaign, because was a movement that touch me inside, and since these days I think that I visit this site more times than my facebook account, and that’s mean a lot xDD.

    Best wishes for the future!

  19. Congratulations…looking forward to another year of great posts and pics.
    Thanks and Happy Birthday!

  20. Happy birthday girls of ToR!!!! And congratulations for the most serious and represantative site of Robert Pattinson.
    Big kiss for everyone and hope you spend a great day

  21. Thanks to everyone leaving comments 🙂 You guys are awesome

  22. Happy Birthday and thank you for creating and maintaining this awesome Rob site. Thank you for all your hard work and for being a gateway to all things Rob. For preserving and promoting everything Rob related. So much to look back on already as the Rob-horizon promises things we can’t even imagine yet. Well, yes, we can imagine. He is Rob, after all. Cheers!

  23. Happy Birthday TOR!!!!! Thank you for all that you do, and for doing it with class*
    You are AWESEOME!!!
    <3s and :)s

  24. Happy Birthday you wonderful ladies! This is one of my regular daily stops, and so glad you kept it going, You gals are a class act 🙂

  25. Congratulations on 1 year!! I was here back in the wordpress days and I come here always knowing what I’ll get…the latest news, thoughtful commentary, respectful stories, gorgeous pictures and absolutely no drama. I love you guys for all you do…you work very hard so we can enjoy this great site!!

    Thank you and here’s to another great year ahead!!!

    ShyNoMore (aka beingbold)
  26. Happy birthday!! I love you guys. You help feed my ROBsession, without over doing it! Thank you sooo much!! I check out every post you have, at least once a day!! Love, love love!

  27. Happy Birthday, ToR! You rock and are my “source” when I’m looking for the best pics and the REAL breaking stories!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Looking forward to your “future” birthdays!

  28. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! M!! & the ToR team.
    You already know what this site means to me so I won’t bore you with telling you One More time. 😉 I really wanted to make you a little something for the day but, alas RL did not allow. What you wrote in this post got me all misty eyed… Just wanted to say Thank You again for all you do. It never goes unappreciated. I know this day will be filled with tons of love for you because you deserve it. Enjoy! ❤ ❤ M.


  31. Happy Birthday!!!

  32. It’s the 13th in my country now =]
    Happy Birthday!
    you’re the coolest site ever!!
    I addicted to this site, and believe it or not I’m here more than I’m in Facebook!
    So countinue to be awesome! We love ya!

  33. Félicitation Marie et les filles!!! 🙂
    Congratulations Marie & ladies!!!

    I’ve been visiting ToR since the very first day … had to support a fellow PattinAngel. *wink*

    Your fantastic site, full of classy ladies, has been my main source for all that is Rob. Lots of pretties, no pap pics, great articles, entertaining videos, 411 on Rob’s appearances, etc. Why spend hours searching doz & doz of Web sites when everything is here! All the work that you all do to bring us all these Rob goodies is so very much appreciated!

    Un GROS GROS merci d’avoir continuer ToR, et surtout pour tout ce que tu fais chaque jour… toi et les autres merveilleuses dames.

    A BIG thank you for having continued ToR, and for all that you and the other wonderful ladies do every day.

    Vous êtes les meilleures!
    You are the best!
    {smooches} ❤

  34. I’ve been visiting this website for a month or so and I’m totally addicted not only to Rob but to all Rob news and photos!

    I used to visite eclipsemovie.org but more of a Rob fan than a Twilight so your website is perfect for me! First time commenting! Yay!

    Keep on doing your good work! I will try to comment more in the future!

    Happy 1st birthday!!

  35. A very big Happy Birthday to Marie & the girls at TOR!! Congratualations on a wonderful year. Thank you for all the hard work & hours you put into this awesome site. Couldn’t imagine not having you here.

    Looking forward to the next year!

  36. Happy Birthday ! 🙂

    Vous faites un merveilleux travail sur ce site, une équipe soudée, respectueuse, qui a l’intelligence de ne pas poster de candids ou de chose concernant la vie privée de Rob, ce que peu de site font malheureusement…

    Vous êtes toutes responsable de la popularité du site, alors bravo à vous toutes !!!

    Vous êtes de loin les meilleurs !!

    Vive Thinking of Rob et encore Joyeuse Anniversaire !!!!

  37. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! ! !

    I LOVE this website, always so updated and creative! I’m so glad you didn’t give up on it!

    Thanks for your wonderful work! Keep doing it, you are the best!

    I don’t know when I first visited this site, but I knew from the very first moment that this is a wonderful site with such amazing ladies! Thanks for keeping us update with the newest Rob news, thanks for killing me with the b/w pics (________) and and and! I love you guys… and Rob! lol

  39. Hey you guyzzz 🙂

    Happy Birthday to your 1. anniversary!!!!!!!

    I effing love your side. You always have got the best pics and wallpapers! With your detagging skills you enable all those Robsessed girls to unlimited pleasure :)) Getting us fans always up-to-date with tons of vids, interviews and essays…

    Luvya for spending such much time and work on this side!!!

  40. Happy Birthday TOR!! You gals do an AWESOME job of running this site and I don’t know what I’d do without you and your lovely site!!

  41. To Marie/ FP

    I’ve known you on twitter since end of May 2009, we started chatting when I was in Italy, before ToR. I love the site and your time, effort and dedication to Rob and Rob related news is greatly appreciated. All the girls do a brilliant job of updating and running the site. Here’s to the 2nd year of ToR !

    Katie/ vampirefreak101

  42. Happy , happy happy and happy birthday to all of you at ToR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hugs from Italy

  43. Ooooh 🙂 congratulation and HAPPY B-DAY:) I Love this web 😀 You have first news and I love your wallpapers 😀

  44. Congrats! This is one of the best Rob sites imo so I hope there are many more years to come 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work.

  45. You make my day! I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are my #1 source for everything Robert. Thanks for one great year.

  46. Happy one year anniversary! We Love ToR!

  47. I Love Twilight Brasil: Happy Birthday @ThinkingofRob http://ilovetwilightbr.blogspot.com/2010/07/happy-birthday-thinkingofrob.html

    My Best wishes for you!

  48. Happy Birthday ToR! I don’t comment often but I am here EVERYDAY! Thank you for all the hard work.. you bring the pretty like no one else… you are one of my reasons to smile every day… keep it up!

    Best wishes for the next year!!


    May you have many more moments where you “think of Rob”! Thank you Marie for creating the site & working so hard on it! *HUGS* I’m so glad to be a part of such a wonderful team & site!

    Little bday banner: http://twitpic.com/24yctw

    Jackie 😉

  50. I’d like to wish you a happy happy happy Birthday 🙂

  51. Happy BD!!!! I’ve enjoyed coming to this ppz free site.. every day I get something to smile about. It’s generally Roberts cute mug which you do a fine job of keeping us appraised of. But so much of it is yourselves and the people who post.

    It’s becoming a nice little family.

    So thanks again for your time and dedication.

  52. Happy birthday!!
    Keep up the good work! x

  53. Happy Birthday to ToR!

    I’m so proud to be part of the team! And I feel so honoured that JustFP let me *giggles*.

  54. happy anniversary!!! xoxo

  55. Congratulations & Happy Birthday TOR!! You’re one of the first twitters/blogs I followed on twitter. I always had and will continue to have the utmost respect for you and your site. I wish you continued success & many, many more birthdays to come. ❤ Here's to you M and the TOR team! 🙂


  56. Thanks everyone! *hugs*


    OMG, Im sofa king late today. Stoopid Real Life! HAPPY TORiversary LADIES!!! Congrats & much love for the shout out. HUGS & HEARTS JAG

    PS Sorry about the mess of chocolates on the floor, it was the thought right 😉

  58. Happy Birthday! I love you your site so much! Thanks for making me smile everyday ❤

  59. Happy Birthday ToR!!!! You peeps are awesome!!! love all the news, WP, pics you bring us!! Thanks for all you do:)

  60. Happy Birthday ToR!
    I wish to express my gratitude to you really. Thank you<3
    I went on a trip to Northern Europe. I saw Eclipse in Copenhagen.

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